Published September 4, 2016 by lowercase v

Gabi had had surgery to remove some growths on Tuesday, 16 August, which is now over two weeks ago.

The next day she tore/bit the stitches on her chest and opened the wound.  There was also another wound  where there was a tiny bulge between the stitches, but I couldn’t find it when I took her to the vet (another cut was reddish, so I thought it might be that). The gash had to be stitched back up  and she got a cone. She couldn’t lick anything else so she licked her cone.

I removed the cone last weekend and as expected it was a big relief for her.  She did groom herself and lick at her wounds. I put the cone back on on occasion.

She seems more or less her normal self, though most of the time she doesn’t want to go for walkies and she is certainly wary of getting in the car. She has taken to attempting to pick her  own peas, thus vandalizing parts of the plant.

There are two wounds which worries me somewhat. One on one off  chest, where the large growth used to be, where there is now a big hunk of skin. And a tiny bulge (I guess the one I couldn’t find) under her armpit. I’ve been applying veterinary ointment to both.

I’m taking her to the vet during the coming week for some vaccine boosters, so I’ll ask him to check out these wounds.

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I guess she needs one after all…

Published August 17, 2016 by lowercase v

Gabi was licking all the wounds she could reach with her long neck and long iggy tongue. She must’ve gnawed at them, because the stitches on the cut on her chest completely came undone. I had to take her back to the animal clinic. Our usual vet wasn’t in today, but a very nice substitute vet help us. I had to leave Gabi there for an hour while she sedated Gabi and stitched her up.  She went home with a cone around her head. By the way, the plastic cone cost about twice what I expect.  I wish they gave her one in the first place. Yes, it is awkward and annoying for her, but it would saved us pain and money.


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Operation Successful

Published August 17, 2016 by lowercase v

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning I took Gabi into the animal clinic for her surgery.


I had to star prep on Saturday morning, by giving her some antibiotics (for the dental work) twice daily. This is quite tricky, since their is a shortage on animal dosage version of these pills and I have to split powder the human version in two. The powder then has to be dissolved in water in a small syringe. Gabi hates in when I shoot this medicine into her mouth.

On Monday night I had to take her food away at 7 pm.  She was very disappointed not to beg a bite from her grandpa’s dinner plate.   I also had to take a marker and mark all the growths I could find which the vet didn’t biopsy during our visit .


Traffic wasn’t too bad yesterday morning and I got to the vet’s 10 minutes early, when the gate was still closed. I put her on her leash and we had a short walk so she could stretch her legs and do her business.  I then checked her in.  Understandably, she did not want to go into the cage.

It was a loooooooooooong morning. I had many hot beverages and distracted myself with youtube videos.  Around noon I was at a food store to get a few things. The vet called my on my cellphone while I was there. I didn’t recognize the number and I could not hear him properly so at first I thought it was probably a telemarketer. Luckily I was fairly polite (though I may have sound’t like an idiot).  I heard him say the operation went well and I could pick Gabi up between 5- 6 pm.

I was extremely relieved but the rest of the day seemed like an eternity. I was there a few minutes before 5 pm.  I didn’t have to wait. The assistant told me my timing was good because Gabi’s IV drip finished a few minutes before.  I followed her to the recovery room where my baby was waiting in  a somewhat larger cages.

She wasn’t wearing a cone and the assistant told me she wouldn’t need one. They had removed quite a few fatty tissue growths and also pulled a few teeth (a little more than expected, which also means a somewhat larger bill). They assistant told me Gabi could still eat kibble/ pellets since she still had enough teeth left.

Gabi climbed into me arms and I carried her to the car. She seemed like she might want to jump seats, so I gently put her in her car harness and took her home. When I took her out of the harness once we stopped in the garage, she jumped out of the car and walked towards the house.

Her teeth still seemed sensitive and she wasn’t having any on the kibble, so we gave her some blended rice, pumpkin and chicken.  We will probably feed her soft food for a day or two.

Later she seemed to move more gingerly, probably as the pain killer wore off. She cried when I tried to pick her up to put her on my bed. At times she just stood around or paced about the house.  She did manage to jump onto my bed later to sleep under the duvet with me.

This morning she seems much better, although still sore. She has quite a lot of stitches. She has been licking at the wounds where she can reach, but I don’t think she’s gnawing at them.  I’ll keep an eye out and if there is an issue with the stitches, I’ll call the vet.

Bar for the gaps in her mouth, her teeth look really clean. Cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. (They might have been this clean when she was a pup, but that was long before I adopted her) Her nails are nor short and neatly trimmed. This is actually very awesome as she does not keep still for nail clippers. Ever. Even with someone helping me. Even with treats. I could never do all her paws at the same time. I hope the will file themselves naturally when we go for walk, now that they’re so nice and short.  She can’t have anesthesia every time I need to trim her claws.


Despite the larger veterinary bill, I am glad we could get all these health issues sorted.

I am so glad to have my little girl home with my. I missed her like crazy the few hours we were separated yesterday. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

PS. Yesterday I saw a newspaper headline about ‘military vets’. My first thought was of some kind of veterinarian taking care of army dogs and other military service animals… then I realized they were human military veterans.

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The V Word

Published August 10, 2016 by lowercase v

I took Gabi to see the vet today to check out some growths. She eagerly got into the car… but she knew where she was as soon as we stopped at the animal clinic.

The took needle biopsies to inspect under a microscope. It turned out to be lipomas (fatty tissues), but they seemed quite aggressive. It is also uncommon for skinny dogs like Italian Greyhounds, though common in stockier dogs like bulldogs. For these reasons he recommended that the growths be removed.  She also go her shots.

Gabi will be operated on Tuesday. While she is under anesthesia they will clean her teeth (which I’ve wanted to get done for ages, but were worried about her costs) and clip her claws.

Obviously any operation and bout of anesthesia is a little worrying, but I’m glad we are sorting out these health issues. I will have a lot less to worry about.



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On  Monday afternoon I decided to give my dog Gabi a bath, while still have warm sunny days.

Early that evening I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. I walked past the living room on my way to the bathroom.  I noticed Gabi on the living room floor acting weird and at times lifting her hind leg. There appeared to be mud on the tiles, but I couldn’t think where it could come from since the sprinkler wasn’t on and it hadn’t been raining. I thought she might have a thorn in here paw, but  when I got closer and realized it was blood on the floor.


On her one hind paw, an outside nails were hanging by a thread and the life was exposed. Naturally I freaked out. I picked her up ad took her to the bedroom. I put her down and she jumped on my bed leaving bloody prints on the sheets and my duvet cover.



I dabbed a bit of iodine on the life and she whimpered. I tried to gentle take of the nail off, or put the nail back over the nail (as a temporary fix), but she wasn’t having it. I wrapped some I gauze around the paw.  The gauze was off the foot within seconds

I washed my hands and went to check on dinner.

I went back to assess Gabi. I noticed that the nail was now torn off completely.  I tried rewrapping the foot, better this time , but not good enough. Next thing she was walking around with the ball of gauze in her mouth like it’s some sort of soft toy.

She was bleeding so I decided that I would keep an eye on the paw and that a emergency trip to the vet wasn’t necessary.

Through the week she at times would hop on three legs.  The nail/life  is still red but there isn’t any pus or surrounding redness.

We cut some of the nails on the front paws. She wouldn’t let us near the back (but she HATES nail cutting to begin with).

Her claws are very brittle (and I probably need a different clipper, this is the second one I’ve bought).

It probably wouldn’t help to take her to a groomer. I’m guessing she’d need to be sedated.

She generally seems like herself, just less interested in walks.

Down The Drain

Published March 27, 2016 by lowercase v

When Gabi smiles…

Last night as I climbed into bed, I felt something small and hard underneath me. It wasn’t a kibble crumb. I switch the night light on. It was the the colour of nail. At first I thought it was one of her claws that had broken off. But it wasn’t.

It was a tooth!

When did this happen. Is she bleeding? I switch on the room light. I went to Gabi’s bed and sat on the floor. She groaned as I lifted her blanket off her head and scratched her ears.  I gently opened her mouth. There was no bleeding. After some careful examination I saw that it was one of her bottom front teeth.

This morning I brushed her teeth. The tooth next to the gap also seems a little loose.  She doesn’t seem to be distressed in anyway but of course she hates having her teeth brushed as I can imagine it is uncomfortable.

I know her teeth aren’t in a good condition. I brush them and try my best to keep them in tact. I can’t afford taking her to the vet for dental cleaning (would require anesthesia, etc).  I feel horrible.

I was crying today. I’m sure she’s happy being around me all day, but I wish I could do better on the everything-other-than-love side of things.

For some reason I decided to keep the tooth (I didn’t just want to trash it), but I cleaned the tooth and it washed out of my hand and down the sink.

I made her some mashed peas and brown rice and added a few bits of chicken for her dinner. She loved it.

I guess I’ll just have to brush her teeth every day now.

Ants In The Food Bag.

Published February 17, 2016 by lowercase v

Gabi looks on concerned as mommy does some crisis management

Today the cleaning lady found ants on Gabi’s dog food bag. Upon investigation I found even more ants inside.

I usually buy a 8 Kg bag, since it’s more economical and requires fewer trips to the pet store. I have a pet food bucket which can hold about 2 kg which I use as a daily use container.

The tiny ants seemed to have entered through the stitching in the plastic woven bag.  My previous bag of food (which was fairly new) came loose at the seam. Montego, the dog food manufacturer, was kind enough to replace it. Though, I think the problem lies with the bag manufacturer (Sakkor), or the type of bag though… Or maybe ants just get in everywhere!

I didn’t think the ants would have contaminated the food so I decided to just decant the food, sort the kibble from the nibblers and put it different containers.

I poured the kibble onto a large piece of unprinted paper, then put it in plastic ice-cream containers. I did not enjoy the smell. The neighbours’ Boston terrier was watching the operation through the fence.

I think I will definitely be buying small packets from now on. Even if it costs more and if it means more trips to the pet store.

On a much happy not Gabi’s 4th Gotcha Day (Adoptevesary) is this Friday. Her 10th birthday is on the 25th.