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Bad Walk Day

Published February 29, 2012 by lowercase v

iggy in harness, ready to walk We didn’t have a good walk today!

Two German Shepards bolted out of their yard when their owner opened the gate and ran across the road. I looked up because of cars hooting at them. I blocked the younger one from getting too close to Gabi and I picked her up and the owner called them back in. She apologized. Poor Gabs was shaking. I carried her past the next house before I put her down on the ground. We just continued around the block and went home!

I don’t dislike big dogs. I don’t even dislike these two GSDs in question. Before Gabi, I had walked past them several times and they always greeted me in a friendly manner, wagging their tails. One of them was still a pup a short while ago. The Doberman is one of my favourite dog breeds and for a long time it was the favourite.

All the same I was very careful during this whole incident and it did leave me a little shaken up. 8 years ago I lost my Miniature Schnauzer, Belle, in a similar situation.

Belle - Miniature Schnauzer - RIP One afternoon we were taking our regular walk. Belle was a good little dog who walked well on heel and didn’t bark at other dogs at all. At some point a larges dog, some sort of Mastiff or Mastiff cross, came out of his yard and sniffed Belle. I remained calm, as not aggravate it, so I stood still for a while. the dog ran back across his the street to its home and was met by the other (same breed) dog at the house at the gate. They crossed the street and ran towards us. I should probably have picked Belle up to “make her bigger”, but it all happened so fast. The second dog just started attacking my schnauzer and soon was joined by the first dog. I was frozen in fear and could do nothing but scream to stop. The lady who’s house we were in front of came running out and turned the hose on the attackers. She might have even kicked them. They ran back to their house. The lady who was very kind and helpful, drove us to the local vet. After Belle was admitted, she drove me home and I had some sugar water and called the rest of the family.

Belle had extensive internal injuries and the vet advised me to put her to sleep go because even if an operation was successful my dog would probably be in pain for the rest of her life. So in a few hours I had to make the very horrible decision of putting the beloved family dog down. We reported the matter to the police, they said that there was absolutely nothing to be done.
I was very traumatized by the incident and the frikking bastard owner still had the nerve to refuse to pay the vets bill. All thought they relented and said they’d pay the emergency bill. After some time of requesting them to pay the bill, we found that the people the dogs belonged to had moved away.

I don’t have anything against ANY large breed dog, just stupid owners. I’m sure today’s incident was just an accident and the GSDs probably wouldn’t have hurt Gabi. I do think that the owners of the 2 dogs who killed my schnauzer are irresponsible idiots who probly let their dogs partake in dog-fighting.

It is so incredibly important to make sure your gate and fences are secure so that you’re dogs don’t get out!


Published February 28, 2012 by lowercase v

Today we played fetch in the backyard. The next-door Jack Russel, Chloe, came to the fence to say hi. I moved up closer to the fence and called my Iggy. Gabi came and sat by me without barking, because I had treats.  However she was too excited to make friends and wanted to carry on playing. This was the closest she had come to make friends with Chloe. The reason this is important, is so that Gabi will stop incessantly barking whenever she sees her.

I got some plain colloidal silver gel today and started applying it to her nose. The other stuff is similar but has lavender, aloe ferrox and carrot added to it.  I let her lick peanut-butter from my other hand which kept her from licking the of f  her nose for a few seconds.

I added some bicarb (of soda) to her toothpaste when I brushed her teeth. Even though I was gentle I could just do a basic brush before she ran off to the corner of the room.

Gabi’s white neck, chest and stomach seem very pink at the moment.  I’m not sure if this is just regular sensitive Iggy skin.  It could possible some sort of irritant. I hope it’s not her furry bed. She really loves it.



Published February 27, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi played some fetch for treats this morning. She walked with my to put out the recycling and we had a short walk around the complex. I had some errands to run in the afternoon, while Gabi stayed at home. We had a short afternoon walk in the neighbourhood and Gabi went up to  friendly lady to sniff her. Gabi only barked once at the big dogs, but after being told to stop, she did.

Embarrassingly, last night I found myself a bit weepy. I am feeling somewhat estranged from some of my friends but I was also a bit troubled about my sweet little Gabi. I can’t really tell if her nose is getting better. What if I don’t have enough for vet fees? Her teeth are quite bad.

I have spend the majority of my income from my last job on creature comforts, health and hygiene items for my little Iggy. I sould get a day job, but I badly want my job to be what I do during the day at the moment, working with dogs. When I have saved up a little bit I want to do a dog training, instructors/ dog behaviourist course.

I can’t imagine life with out Gabi, she has become such a big part of my world already. She is such a loving little dog that I’m sure she has potential to be a great therapy dog.  She needs to get over her fears first though and she also needs a bit more training.

First Week Gone

Published February 26, 2012 by lowercase v
Airdale Terrier

An Airdale Terrier

YESTERDAY: I  spend most of the day off my feet. I  was however able to step on my right foot again and and walk normally. I spent some time on the front lawn playing fetch with Gabi. I closed my bedroom door to prevent her from running straight to her bed with the ball. I had a few treats ready to lure her to return the ball to me. She would drop the ball about a foot from my feet and come over for her treat. This was repeated today.

TODAY: Late this afternoon my father and I took Gabi to our local (small) park  for a walk. She was very excited and sniffed everywhere. Near the middle of the park there were people sitting at a picnic table with two dogs. The Airdale terrier and the Yorkie were both off-leash and well behaved. When when got closer to them Gabi barked at them. The Airdale ran towards us showing no signs of aggression.

Gabi cowered at my dad’s feet begging him to pick her up. The Airdale wagged his tail and my dad gently lowered Gab,i allowing them to smell each other.  The owner recalled her dog and he ran back. Dad suggest that we walk over there to introduce Gabi.  We had a chat with the people and they ask if she had been attacked by a big dog in the past. I honestly don’t know, though there is a scar on her one side. She seemed a bit uncomfortable so I crouched down next to her. She wanted me to pick her up so I did and we moved on with our walk. I would’ve wanted to let her run loose, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

I’ve had Gabi for a week now and I am already extremely attached. She seems to love me and for the most part trust me.
She is a very loving friendly Iggy but probably need to adjust more to the environment before she can make friends.

The Nose:
Still very pink and tender. The top of the nostril is a broken. The nose is dry, but I can’t really apply the Silver Genesis to that. I do think it’s looking a bit better than it did. I  have ordered some snout balm and it should take a week or so to get here.
There are some issues that’ll have to be addressed:

  • Gabi nips at faces, especially the  nose (haven’t bitten me yet), especially when she’s threatened or very excited.
  • Gabi jumps up.
  • Gabi seems scared at dogs.
  • Gabi barks at our neighbours’ dogs (very friendly dogs), even the Jack Russel and seems cautious of making friends .

Gabi dislikes:

  • When I put sunscreen on her face
  • Fruit
  • Men shouting

Gabi Loves:

  • Being covered in a blanket
  • A soft furry bed
  • Taking the door-stop and carrying it around (being mischievous)

No Walkies

Published February 24, 2012 by lowercase v

rope chew. sweet face.

Gabi slept like a puppy in her new baby. She didn’t get up that much today except a treat, breakfast (which she only ate much later), a few trips outside and some cuddling. It’s a sunny day without a cloud in sight, but we can’t go for a walk yet again. It seems I have injured my right foot, though heaven knows how, and I am unable to step on it today. I had a strong pain killer last night and again around lunch so I’m pretty dozy today. Tomorrow concludes my first week with Gabi, I can hardly believe it.

A bed of one’s own.

Published February 23, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi just love her comfy new bed.

Even though it’s against house rules I let Gabi cuddle up next to me in bed for a birthday snuggle. I know I’m teaching her boundaries, but we haven’t been at it long and at this stage she only had her (regular, human) pillow. I intended on taking her for a morning walk. However, after my morning coffee I fell right back asleep and when I woke I it was already warm. Even with her sun screen, which she does not like all, I’m trying too keep her out of the sun as much as possible, for a few days at least.

I went to the pet store to buy a doggy bed for Gabs. It has soft (faux) furry lining which is Iggy snuggle heaven. When I got home, I put the bed down on the floor. I said, “Look Gabi.” and she was in the bed in two secs flat. She rolled around, tried snuggle positions, stuck her nose into nooks and decided that it was good. She leaped up, wagged her tailed and jumped to lick my face. She bolted for my room, returned with a stuffed toy and plopped back down on the bed. Eventually I took the bed to our room. She spend a large portion of the day in bed.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner, Nachos (with salsa and cheese) and fruit salad (for dessert). She was a bit reluctant to go over to him (keep in mind that she’s very cautious of men), but eventually went over for a friendly pat and let him throw her ball for her to fetch (and not return). For most of the evening though she remained in her very own bed and did not even want to sit on my lap for a picture. :)

Even though I didn’t have a party this year, I was an awesome birthday. Gabi’s new bed is one of the best things I have ever bought. She seems so happy. That makes me happy.


Published February 22, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi in a towel

Last night Gabi had nature’s call and then slept on until early morning when she jumped on my bed. I said: “Off,” but she just lied down next to me and snuggled up. I was very sorry to have to put her on the floor and tug her into her own bed.

She started barking today, I guess she’s starting to feel more at home. I just hope she doesn’t bark too much from now on, otherwise there’ll be problems with the neighbours. We’ll definitely have to get her more used to the neighbourhood and set boundaries. She had a bath today in a tub on the lawn. She didn’t seem to like it all that much, but she didn’t complain and she was well-behaved.

The kibble crumbs, a result from her messy “snacking”, have started to attracts ants. I made her a make-shift anti-ant feeder but I’ll probably have to get her another bowl or place her food somewhere else. We couldn’t go for a walk because it was raining

I started applying Silver Genesis, which contains aloe and lavender to her nose. I’m just hoping it heals soon other wise I’ll have to take her to a vet.