Coming Home

Published February 19, 2012 by lowercase v
gabi italian greyhound in car going home     

Sleeping in the car on the way home.

Gabi is a 6-year-old Italian Greyhound. I met her foster people/ original breeders a couple of weeks ago in a IG group on Facebook. Gabi is a champion show dog but she never really had a loving home and she’s been re-homed several times.  We met this morning and went for a long walk in a park.  She is a energetic out going little thing who has a great time running off leash but also walk well on-leash.

She loves a soft blankey

Even though we have been warned that her past has left her with several behavioural issues, she has been good so far. She has settled in fairly quickly. She doesn’t seem to be a fussy eater, but she is quite a messy  one, as she likes to walk around eating kibble. Luckily it seems that when she’s really hungry, she will stay at her bowl.

She is temporarily sleeping on a regular pillow  and likes to be cover in a fleece blanket even though it’s summer.


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