Settling in.

Published February 20, 2012 by lowercase v

taggedDuring the first night I woke up three times because of Gabi stirring. Each time I thought that it was nature’s call but, each time she was only checking if I was still there sleeping on the bed next to her pillow. Perhaps it was also the strange environment. When I awoke early this morning it was raining and Gabi did not want to go out. She slept for another hour or two while I was busy on my computer and then finally went outside to relieve herself.
She hungrily ate her break fast. While I was out running some errands (including getting things like doggy sunscreen for her tender muzzle), she stayed with my mother. Mom reported that Gabi had been good but stared out the window a couple of times, awaiting my return.  Her good behaviour was rewarded with a peanut-butter dog biscuit.

During the day she was more vocal than yesterday, but only when she was outside. She wasn’t any noisier than the other dogs in the area.  She also started playing with the rope chew which she wasn’t interested in yesterday. We went for a walk in the late afternoon  and she walked quite well on the leash. She did bark back at other dogs, probably just introducing herself to the neighbourhood, but she followed when I redirected her.

She doesn’t seem used to her collar, but I think it’ll take a few days. At the moment she is sleeping like an angel with only her paws, snout and the tip of her tail sticking out of the blanket.

just paws sticking out when gabi sleeps


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