Our first thunder storm.

Published February 21, 2012 by lowercase v

Night night.

Gabi only woke up once, to check if I was there, last night.

After checking the Snout Balm  manufacturer’s website for stockist I went to a a feed and supply store that wasn’t too far. They did indeed carry the brand, but did not have snout balm. I ordered some online, but it might take a few weeks to arrive. A friend in an FB Iggy group suggested that I try colloidal silver.  Until I get some of that I’ll try a bit of E45 cream.

There was a thunder storm this afternoon but Gabi didn’t seemed too phased by it, which of course is a wonderful thing. She just continued lying on her pillow. She did lift her head when the wind blew a door shut.  I’m so proud of my little Gabs. :)

Late afternoon between storms I decided to take a short walk around the complex. We didn’t get further than the mail box because it started to raining again.

Since she doesn’t seem to be hatching plans of escape I took her collar of this evening, since it seemed to be bothering her.  She is scratching at her pillow and blanket right at the moment and looking at me for help. So I’ll be tugging Gabi in now.

Good Night.


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