Published February 22, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi in a towel

Last night Gabi had nature’s call and then slept on until early morning when she jumped on my bed. I said: “Off,” but she just lied down next to me and snuggled up. I was very sorry to have to put her on the floor and tug her into her own bed.

She started barking today, I guess she’s starting to feel more at home. I just hope she doesn’t bark too much from now on, otherwise there’ll be problems with the neighbours. We’ll definitely have to get her more used to the neighbourhood and set boundaries. She had a bath today in a tub on the lawn. She didn’t seem to like it all that much, but she didn’t complain and she was well-behaved.

The kibble crumbs, a result from her messy “snacking”, have started to attracts ants. I made her a make-shift anti-ant feeder but I’ll probably have to get her another bowl or place her food somewhere else. We couldn’t go for a walk because it was raining

I started applying Silver Genesis, which contains aloe and lavender to her nose. I’m just hoping it heals soon other wise I’ll have to take her to a vet.


2 comments on “Bark

  • With regard to the ant problem. There are bowls available with a rim around them to be filled with water so that the ants can’t get over the water up the side of the bowl. If you can’t get one just put her food bowl on a tray or larger dish you might have and fill that with water.

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