First Week Gone

Published February 26, 2012 by lowercase v
Airdale Terrier

An Airdale Terrier

YESTERDAY: I  spend most of the day off my feet. I  was however able to step on my right foot again and and walk normally. I spent some time on the front lawn playing fetch with Gabi. I closed my bedroom door to prevent her from running straight to her bed with the ball. I had a few treats ready to lure her to return the ball to me. She would drop the ball about a foot from my feet and come over for her treat. This was repeated today.

TODAY: Late this afternoon my father and I took Gabi to our local (small) park  for a walk. She was very excited and sniffed everywhere. Near the middle of the park there were people sitting at a picnic table with two dogs. The Airdale terrier and the Yorkie were both off-leash and well behaved. When when got closer to them Gabi barked at them. The Airdale ran towards us showing no signs of aggression.

Gabi cowered at my dad’s feet begging him to pick her up. The Airdale wagged his tail and my dad gently lowered Gab,i allowing them to smell each other.  The owner recalled her dog and he ran back. Dad suggest that we walk over there to introduce Gabi.  We had a chat with the people and they ask if she had been attacked by a big dog in the past. I honestly don’t know, though there is a scar on her one side. She seemed a bit uncomfortable so I crouched down next to her. She wanted me to pick her up so I did and we moved on with our walk. I would’ve wanted to let her run loose, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

I’ve had Gabi for a week now and I am already extremely attached. She seems to love me and for the most part trust me.
She is a very loving friendly Iggy but probably need to adjust more to the environment before she can make friends.

The Nose:
Still very pink and tender. The top of the nostril is a broken. The nose is dry, but I can’t really apply the Silver Genesis to that. I do think it’s looking a bit better than it did. I  have ordered some snout balm and it should take a week or so to get here.
There are some issues that’ll have to be addressed:

  • Gabi nips at faces, especially the  nose (haven’t bitten me yet), especially when she’s threatened or very excited.
  • Gabi jumps up.
  • Gabi seems scared at dogs.
  • Gabi barks at our neighbours’ dogs (very friendly dogs), even the Jack Russel and seems cautious of making friends .

Gabi dislikes:

  • When I put sunscreen on her face
  • Fruit
  • Men shouting

Gabi Loves:

  • Being covered in a blanket
  • A soft furry bed
  • Taking the door-stop and carrying it around (being mischievous)

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