Published February 27, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi played some fetch for treats this morning. She walked with my to put out the recycling and we had a short walk around the complex. I had some errands to run in the afternoon, while Gabi stayed at home. We had a short afternoon walk in the neighbourhood and Gabi went up to  friendly lady to sniff her. Gabi only barked once at the big dogs, but after being told to stop, she did.

Embarrassingly, last night I found myself a bit weepy. I am feeling somewhat estranged from some of my friends but I was also a bit troubled about my sweet little Gabi. I can’t really tell if her nose is getting better. What if I don’t have enough for vet fees? Her teeth are quite bad.

I have spend the majority of my income from my last job on creature comforts, health and hygiene items for my little Iggy. I sould get a day job, but I badly want my job to be what I do during the day at the moment, working with dogs. When I have saved up a little bit I want to do a dog training, instructors/ dog behaviourist course.

I can’t imagine life with out Gabi, she has become such a big part of my world already. She is such a loving little dog that I’m sure she has potential to be a great therapy dog.  She needs to get over her fears first though and she also needs a bit more training.


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