Published February 28, 2012 by lowercase v

Today we played fetch in the backyard. The next-door Jack Russel, Chloe, came to the fence to say hi. I moved up closer to the fence and called my Iggy. Gabi came and sat by me without barking, because I had treats.  However she was too excited to make friends and wanted to carry on playing. This was the closest she had come to make friends with Chloe. The reason this is important, is so that Gabi will stop incessantly barking whenever she sees her.

I got some plain colloidal silver gel today and started applying it to her nose. The other stuff is similar but has lavender, aloe ferrox and carrot added to it.  I let her lick peanut-butter from my other hand which kept her from licking the of f  her nose for a few seconds.

I added some bicarb (of soda) to her toothpaste when I brushed her teeth. Even though I was gentle I could just do a basic brush before she ran off to the corner of the room.

Gabi’s white neck, chest and stomach seem very pink at the moment.  I’m not sure if this is just regular sensitive Iggy skin.  It could possible some sort of irritant. I hope it’s not her furry bed. She really loves it.



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