Bad Walk Day

Published February 29, 2012 by lowercase v

iggy in harness, ready to walk We didn’t have a good walk today!

Two German Shepards bolted out of their yard when their owner opened the gate and ran across the road. I looked up because of cars hooting at them. I blocked the younger one from getting too close to Gabi and I picked her up and the owner called them back in. She apologized. Poor Gabs was shaking. I carried her past the next house before I put her down on the ground. We just continued around the block and went home!

I don’t dislike big dogs. I don’t even dislike these two GSDs in question. Before Gabi, I had walked past them several times and they always greeted me in a friendly manner, wagging their tails. One of them was still a pup a short while ago. The Doberman is one of my favourite dog breeds and for a long time it was the favourite.

All the same I was very careful during this whole incident and it did leave me a little shaken up. 8 years ago I lost my Miniature Schnauzer, Belle, in a similar situation.

Belle - Miniature Schnauzer - RIP One afternoon we were taking our regular walk. Belle was a good little dog who walked well on heel and didn’t bark at other dogs at all. At some point a larges dog, some sort of Mastiff or Mastiff cross, came out of his yard and sniffed Belle. I remained calm, as not aggravate it, so I stood still for a while. the dog ran back across his the street to its home and was met by the other (same breed) dog at the house at the gate. They crossed the street and ran towards us. I should probably have picked Belle up to “make her bigger”, but it all happened so fast. The second dog just started attacking my schnauzer and soon was joined by the first dog. I was frozen in fear and could do nothing but scream to stop. The lady who’s house we were in front of came running out and turned the hose on the attackers. She might have even kicked them. They ran back to their house. The lady who was very kind and helpful, drove us to the local vet. After Belle was admitted, she drove me home and I had some sugar water and called the rest of the family.

Belle had extensive internal injuries and the vet advised me to put her to sleep go because even if an operation was successful my dog would probably be in pain for the rest of her life. So in a few hours I had to make the very horrible decision of putting the beloved family dog down. We reported the matter to the police, they said that there was absolutely nothing to be done.
I was very traumatized by the incident and the frikking bastard owner still had the nerve to refuse to pay the vets bill. All thought they relented and said they’d pay the emergency bill. After some time of requesting them to pay the bill, we found that the people the dogs belonged to had moved away.

I don’t have anything against ANY large breed dog, just stupid owners. I’m sure today’s incident was just an accident and the GSDs probably wouldn’t have hurt Gabi. I do think that the owners of the 2 dogs who killed my schnauzer are irresponsible idiots who probly let their dogs partake in dog-fighting.

It is so incredibly important to make sure your gate and fences are secure so that you’re dogs don’t get out!


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