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Published March 31, 2012 by lowercase v

Today Gabi enjoyed sunbathing on the porch.

italian greyhound sun bathes

Last night I applied some baby oil to the bandage. The only issue with this is that Gabi licked it a bit. This morning I put some more baby oil on the tape and waited 5 minutes. I then could easily peel off. There was a last small bit which I had to rip, but it wasn’t too bad, though she did yelp.  I cleaned the rest off the glue off with baby oil. I rubbed the oil of with a baby wipe followed by surgical spirits. I gave her some treats and kept her busy until the alcohol evaporated. She then gave a general moan (supposedly complaining at all the “doctoring”).
My father held her  for me and after I gave her treats and tried to get the right positioning, I clipped a chunk off nail. I probably could’ve cut more but I wanted to be careful. She was crying and trying to pull away. I managed to clip off an 8mm piece from the dew claw. It looks much better now.  The other nails will have to wait a while

She also got a pip of spot-on tick & flea treatment today, for which my mother held her. This didn’t seem to bother her that much. Tough of course we’ll have to be careful with touching her skin for a while.


bad mom! bad!

Published March 30, 2012 by lowercase v

Today it has been raining for most of the day. I took Gabi for a short walk around the block. On the one sidewalk my little scavenger picked up something large in her mouth. It was a a kebab. I could not identify the type of meat but it was rather big. I took it from her mouth and a big chunk of meat stuck in her mouth, which of course she ate. I chucked the kebab far out of reach and directed her on with the walk. She must’ve thought I was crazy to take the meat from her and not eat it herself. 

sad gabi

Today I bought some spot-on tick & flea treatment which I’ll apply tomorrow. I’ve also  bought a pair of pet nail clippers so that I can cut that nagging dew claw and trim her nails. How ever I need to get the stupid Elastoplast tape of her paw.  I put some gauze around the paw and tried to get as little tape on her skin as possible, but she was moving around too much (and she has very little fur) so I did stick some on her skin. Now every I try to pull the tape off  she cries and nips (gently) at me with her teeth.  I probably shouldn’t have used tape but I just wanted the nail to stay put until I could take care off it.

I Googled how to remove the tape and the article I found suggested applying baby oil, then waiting 5 minutes and then trying to remove it. I guess that’s worth a short. I’m going to try that and will report back. 

At some point I will also review the nailclippers. 

Next time Mommy will know better. 


Hoppity Hop

Published March 28, 2012 by lowercase v

Although she didn’t have much of an appetite today, but graciously accepted a few dog biscuits She lied in her bed all day but when we took a short walk, she was well enough to chase the neighbour cat, even if it was from the other side of the fence.

Her “thumb-nail” or dew claw still seemed painful, I decided to tape it down. It’s kind of loose and stands to the side sometimes. I’m scared she’ll get it caught on something and rip it off completely.  She also keeps licking at it. I wiped it with salt water gauze and put on some betadine. It was nearly impossible, since she just would not sit still and she would yep if I went near her dew claw. I then wrapped gauze around the area and wrapped stretch plaster/tape around the paw. I don’t know if it’s just psychosomatic, because the wrapping doesn’t look like it would restrict movement, but she’s walking with a bit of a limb.

No more flowers?

Published March 27, 2012 by lowercase v

A gross post!

I had been embarrassed by Sunday’s stolen wrapper.  I had been grossed out and saddened by the dead baby bird in Gabi’s bed. Had I thought the taste of dead bird would be enough… I’d be wrong.

My little girl used to bring me leafs and flowers. Now she bring home dead birds.

white rose


Late this afternoon I played fetch with Gabi in the back yard. I noticed a small fat little bird hopping around, unable to fly. I was scared Gabi would go after the little thing, but she was happily entertained by the tennis ball and her training snacks. The little  bird hopped out of the yard through some drainage holes in the wall and I felt relieve.

Later, just after I had finished cooking my supper I went to the bed room, for some reason. Gabi seemed to have something strange in her mouth and she was standing over her head. “What’ve you got there?”, I asked her.  She looked up at me and I notice feathers stuck to her mouth. My heart sank. I looked down and saw the lifeless body of the little bird from the garden (or one who looks like it). I expressed my disgust and picked her up and carried her out of the room. She tried to get on her grandma’s lap who of course was grossed out and little Gabi was ordered outside.

I closed the doors to keep her outside so that I could clean up the bird’s corpse. I then notic that the head had been severed and was missing. I shuddered at the thought. I couldn’t put it in the outside garbage, because today was garbage day so I had to temporarily keep it in the study and close the door.  I opened the front door to let Gabi in, ready with a baby wipe to clean her face but the feathers were already gone from her mouth.  I put some oral gel in her mouth.

I put her blanket and her pillows cover in the wash. Went she wanted to curl up for warmth I put her jacket on. I noticed it seemed a little red around one of the nails and she had been licking it, so I put some Betadine (iodine) on it.

sore dog paw nail   iggy covering her sore paw

Later she went out again and I saw her staring at a frog on the garden path. I called her inside and thought everything was okay because the frog hopped off.  Again Later, when she came back from outside she had something in her mouth! For a moment I thought it was the frog, but it was the bird from earlier’s head. Eww. She put it down on her pillow and there were ants on it. I picked her up and put her down in her bed, confining her to the bed room so that I could clean up.

I have no idea if she had killed the little thing or if she had just taken it off the neighbours’ cat.  Is she just trying to up her game in the gift-bringing department? Gabi, I really liked the flowers! Bring me flowers! Is it  just the hunting instinct? Does my little Iggy have some form of PICA (eating weird stuff, due to nutritional deficiency)?

agro iggy       severed bird head
It seemed too hot for her jacket so I took it off. As I touched her right front paw, she yelped. I had a look and the nail looks almost loose. I put on more Betadine but she only licked it off.  She snapped at me when I touched that toe, so it must be really painful.  Not sure if the nail got caught somewhere or if she chewed on the cuticle or something whilst grooming.

Today was very taxing and frustrating. I hope the nail is okay, though she’ll probably have to have it looked at.  Let’s hope tomorrow brings a better day.


Published March 26, 2012 by lowercase v

Today I bought Gabi her first outift (well since living with me). I got her the Dog’s Life:  Striped Wooly Pully. I wanted to get the large because it sounded like the best fit according to her chest and neck measurements though I did think an L would be a bit short on her back…  Even though I asked for large the sales lady gave me an XL. I only noticed that I got the wrong size when I got home. I tried on the XL and it was a good length although it is a bit baggy. My mother suggested we keep the XL and Gaby seemed comfortable in it, so it kept it.

italian greyhound in striped sweater iggy in sweater can't go through bars

The only problem is… she can’t get out through the Treli-door! The collar, which is quite wide around her neck gets stuck. She tries going through between different bars, but it doesn’t seem to help. ;)

iggy sleeps in sweater

Ick Factor

Published March 25, 2012 by lowercase v

On Saturday evening (last night) I went out with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend for my father’s birthday dinner. Gabi was left home alone, but of course with enough food and some treats placed in different places like inside a paper roll.  She could go outside through the security gate of the back door.
It seemed that Gabi was fine alone. Although she didn’t run around out back to meet the family at the front gate, she did wait at the front door.  I went in a minute after my parents (who said Gabi was looking for me) and was met outside by an eager Gabi.

iggy, paper roll in mouth

Today we drove to my aunt and uncle’s house, about 2 hours out of town, for lunch.  since my maternal grandmother is visiting them at the moment. Gabi went with us. She was not too taken with their (outside) dog “Piggy”, who’s probably a  Borador (Labrador X Border Collie).  Piggy is a sweet old girl, but Gabi would stand on the porch and bark at her.  If we were outside and Piggy was nearby, Gabi would try to jump up in my arms.

Gabi at some point had my mom fed-up with her, because she kept on trying to climb on her lap and kept putting her paws on my aunt’s leather couch. Gabi was very naughty today. At some point she was roaming around and I felt suspicious. My grandmother thought she was probably outside playing, but I went to check anyway.  I did find her outside with a piece of wet plastic wrap/bag in her mouth. I found a similar piece on the kitchen floor.  These bags had been part of the raw chicken breast packaging!  ICK! ICK! ICK!  She must’ve jumped up and taken it from the kitchen counter. I understand eating chicken is natural for dogs, I even got her some doggy chicken biltong (jerky – don’t worry it was produced in SA, not China), but RAW is just dangerous and unhigenic. Not even mentioning how grows I find any kind of raw meat.

labrador x border collie


It gets even grosser:
This evening I went into my room  in semi-darkness. I saw Gabi standing in front of her bed, looking down at it. I thought she wanted to be tucked in, so I waled over there and picked up her blanket. I was about to cover her when she picked up something in her mouth. At first I thought it was some food, but I was bigger than anything she’s fed. I thought it was something she had taken from the house, so I took it from her. It felt WRONG! I put it down on the floor.
It was a dead baby bird!

I spoke my disappointment to Gabi, picked her up and carried her outside.  I put her down after telling her grandpa what she had done and went back inside. I wrapped up the bird in a bag and put it in the outside trash. I thought about burying it, but I was scared Gabi would dig it up.

It was quite the interesting weekend. Yes, at times I do get frustrated with Gabi, but I just love my sweet little iggy too much to ever give up on her.


Published March 23, 2012 by lowercase v


For goodness sake! When I’m looking at little doggy outfits on your website, I can see from the picture that my dog would look frikkin adorable in the little jacket or bunny out fit. I don’t need you to throw cutesy  sales adjectives. Just tell me: Do you use faux fur, or was some poor little creature slaughtered for that collar trim? I shouldn’t have to e-mail you about it, it should be on your page… or at least in the FAQs.

Rollin on the rug

Edit: At the time of me writing the rant, the pet clothing company in question replied to my mail and assured me they use faux fur. I do still find however, a general lack of information regarding pet supply companies


*Seal image: flickrcc