Test Drive

Published March 1, 2012 by lowercase v

exhausted after a busy morning, gabi cuddles with blue bear. This morning Gabi went for a short drive (which turned out a bit longer) in my car. I wanted to see if she was okay alone in the car, with me driving. When I opened the front passenger door she immediately climbed over to the backseat, so that’s where I put down her pillow and 2 toys.

She was good for most of the drive and stayed on her pillow. She did get up a few times to look out window and climbed to the front passenger seat once, when we heard a dog barking. I stopped at a park/field and she was extremely excited. We went for a lovely walk, with no traffic to look out for and absolutely no dogs barking at us.

When we drove back home I took the long way. As soon as we stopped inside our complex, Gabi got extremely excited.  Even more than at the park. Gabi was very happy to be home! She was exhausted. After a bit of kibble and some water, she got into bed and cuddled with her blue bear.

Over all it went very well, but I think I should invest in a car-seat hammock at some point. I think it will be safer for Gabi and more comfortable.


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