Not Lab Tested

Published March 4, 2012 by lowercase v

peek a boo gabi

This afternoon we went to visit my maternal grandfather who lives in a flatlet in my aunt’s back yard. My aunts family have two adult yellow Labradors, a male (Brandy)  and a female (Shakira). I had Gabi on the leash as we gotout of of the car, but as the Brandy came over to sniff her she jumped up for me to pick her up and I carried her inside my grandpa’s flat.

Gabi, after sniffing the room a little, for the most part spend her time on either my lap, my dad’s lap on the pillow on the floor. Though when I left the room she wanted to follow me and wouldn’t stay on her pillow.

My young cousins a 10-year-old and 5-year-old twins, all girls, came to have look at her. One of the twins, the shiest of the two absolutely loves dogs and did not leave Gabi’s side the whole time.. She didn’t even seem bother with Gabi kissing her on the mouth.

I took Gabi out once for a wee and were not bothered buy the big dogs, but she did step in some Lab poo. Luckily I had some wipes to clean off her paw. :-S

I took her outside on another occasion and Brandy came over to make friends. Gabi crouched behind me as I gently spoke to Brandy and stoked his head. Gabi gave a yelp and some of the dogs barked at her so I took her back inside.

Will definitely need to look at her socialization and commands such as STAY.

A new found friend suggested the her nose condition might be due to allergies rather than sunburn. Will definitely keep this in mind if the lotions to work. She absolutely hate the sunscreen and actually shouldn’t get it on irritated skin. Allergy Formula sounds like a much nicer option, since I can just sprinkle it over her food.


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