Gabi’s Gifts

Published March 7, 2012 by lowercase v
Gabi loves her softie toy and barkery bites

I’m sad because I want cookies, but Mom wants to take a pic.

Today we had quite an exciting day. I received 2 packages I ordered for Gabi. Package one contained Snout Balm, A Wag Nookie Bag (doggy sleeping bag) and a portable drinking bowl that can attach to a water bottle. Package two had a Petstages Mini Loop Ball, a JW Cyberbone chew toy, Mirra-Cote (supplement), Petdent oral gel and a double-sided brush.

A Pet's Life    Dandy Dogs Online Shop  Gift of cookies and a soft toy

Gabi also received an awesome gift from our new friend Adi. Gabi just loves her Booda Softies Doggy toy to bits and just loves the fact that it squeaks when she chews on it. Included with her present was a pack of Cheese & Garlic Barkery Bites . Barkery Bites are natural dog biscuits made in South Africa. She really seems to enjoy them… maybe  just as much as my homemade peanut-butter biscuits.

She loves playing with her Softies doggy and the loop-ball. She doesn’t seem that interested in the Cyberbone (which I hoped would help with her teeth), but she did lick some peanut-butter off it. I guess she only likes to chew on soft things. Maybe she needs time to get used to the new toy.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get her into the nookie bag. I will post some pics of my efforts (to show her that it is a sleeping spot) later.



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