on the nose

Published March 13, 2012 by lowercase v

don't put more stuff on me please mommy

I’ve been exploring the idea that Gabi’s red nose might be allergy related. On Friday I started giving her allergex (chlorpheniramine) since it can also be given to dogs. At the park on Sunday I got a cortisone based veterinary ointment from one of my friends who uses it on her bull-terrier who’s got a contact allergy. I do not see much of an improvement and I’ve given her the last allergy tablet this evening. I will still apply some ointment for the next day or two, just to give it more time and in case it has a course that needs to be completed.

iggy tender nose front view

Allergies are seeming less likely, but I guess it can’t completely ruled out. Maybe she’s just sensitive to these “chemical medicines” and I should still try Herbal Pet‘s Allergy Formula. Snout Balm did seem to help moisturize the black parts of her nose and I’m sure it will come it handy during winter. It’s kind of like lip-ice / chapstix/ carmex/ labello for a dog’s snout. I keep putting off going to the vet, because I’m still waiting for some of her history etc. She also seems to be in good health otherwise. If it is just sunburn I’m going to need a doggy sunscreen other than Kyron’s Petscreen. She absolutely loathes the stuff. Runs from it.

Next Monday, 19 March, will mark the 1st Monthiversary of Gabi’s adoption! Times has flown. I love her so much already.


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