Published March 19, 2012 by lowercase v

I took Gabi home on the 19th of February, so today marked our 1st month coming to an end. She is sound asleep in her warm bed at the moment, and not easily lured into getting up. No that anyone would have the heart to disturb her.

italian greyhound sleep stretch

Gabi Has adapted very well and become a huge part of my life and my family. In this past month I had come to know my little girl better. Gabi has come to know the house rules, but will consistently test the boundaries, especially when it comes getting into my bed, etc. She could still use some training, but over all she is a very good girl.

I’m still not completely happy with her nose, but it hasn’t gotten any worse and a combination of potions (sun screen, curatex, colloidal silver and snout balm) seems to help.

On Sunday we were at the neighbourhood park. She was running off-leash and at one stage it seemed like she was going to just run off. It really stopped my heart. I just don’t know

I had thought I’d give her some special treats today, but it kind of slipped my mind. At least it’s not her birthday! (I think). Am I a person who forgets anniversaries and birthdays? We had an ordinary day and a uneventful ordinary walk, but just having Gabi around makes even the most mundane day special.

In a way a month has flown by very quickly, but in way it feels like Gabi has been a pert of my life for a very long time.


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