Ick Factor

Published March 25, 2012 by lowercase v

On Saturday evening (last night) I went out with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend for my father’s birthday dinner. Gabi was left home alone, but of course with enough food and some treats placed in different places like inside a paper roll.  She could go outside through the security gate of the back door.
It seemed that Gabi was fine alone. Although she didn’t run around out back to meet the family at the front gate, she did wait at the front door.  I went in a minute after my parents (who said Gabi was looking for me) and was met outside by an eager Gabi.

iggy, paper roll in mouth

Today we drove to my aunt and uncle’s house, about 2 hours out of town, for lunch.  since my maternal grandmother is visiting them at the moment. Gabi went with us. She was not too taken with their (outside) dog “Piggy”, who’s probably a  Borador (Labrador X Border Collie).  Piggy is a sweet old girl, but Gabi would stand on the porch and bark at her.  If we were outside and Piggy was nearby, Gabi would try to jump up in my arms.

Gabi at some point had my mom fed-up with her, because she kept on trying to climb on her lap and kept putting her paws on my aunt’s leather couch. Gabi was very naughty today. At some point she was roaming around and I felt suspicious. My grandmother thought she was probably outside playing, but I went to check anyway.  I did find her outside with a piece of wet plastic wrap/bag in her mouth. I found a similar piece on the kitchen floor.  These bags had been part of the raw chicken breast packaging!  ICK! ICK! ICK!  She must’ve jumped up and taken it from the kitchen counter. I understand eating chicken is natural for dogs, I even got her some doggy chicken biltong (jerky – don’t worry it was produced in SA, not China), but RAW is just dangerous and unhigenic. Not even mentioning how grows I find any kind of raw meat.

labrador x border collie


It gets even grosser:
This evening I went into my room  in semi-darkness. I saw Gabi standing in front of her bed, looking down at it. I thought she wanted to be tucked in, so I waled over there and picked up her blanket. I was about to cover her when she picked up something in her mouth. At first I thought it was some food, but I was bigger than anything she’s fed. I thought it was something she had taken from the house, so I took it from her. It felt WRONG! I put it down on the floor.
It was a dead baby bird!

I spoke my disappointment to Gabi, picked her up and carried her outside.  I put her down after telling her grandpa what she had done and went back inside. I wrapped up the bird in a bag and put it in the outside trash. I thought about burying it, but I was scared Gabi would dig it up.

It was quite the interesting weekend. Yes, at times I do get frustrated with Gabi, but I just love my sweet little iggy too much to ever give up on her.


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