No more flowers?

Published March 27, 2012 by lowercase v

A gross post!

I had been embarrassed by Sunday’s stolen wrapper.  I had been grossed out and saddened by the dead baby bird in Gabi’s bed. Had I thought the taste of dead bird would be enough… I’d be wrong.

My little girl used to bring me leafs and flowers. Now she bring home dead birds.

white rose


Late this afternoon I played fetch with Gabi in the back yard. I noticed a small fat little bird hopping around, unable to fly. I was scared Gabi would go after the little thing, but she was happily entertained by the tennis ball and her training snacks. The little  bird hopped out of the yard through some drainage holes in the wall and I felt relieve.

Later, just after I had finished cooking my supper I went to the bed room, for some reason. Gabi seemed to have something strange in her mouth and she was standing over her head. “What’ve you got there?”, I asked her.  She looked up at me and I notice feathers stuck to her mouth. My heart sank. I looked down and saw the lifeless body of the little bird from the garden (or one who looks like it). I expressed my disgust and picked her up and carried her out of the room. She tried to get on her grandma’s lap who of course was grossed out and little Gabi was ordered outside.

I closed the doors to keep her outside so that I could clean up the bird’s corpse. I then notic that the head had been severed and was missing. I shuddered at the thought. I couldn’t put it in the outside garbage, because today was garbage day so I had to temporarily keep it in the study and close the door.  I opened the front door to let Gabi in, ready with a baby wipe to clean her face but the feathers were already gone from her mouth.  I put some oral gel in her mouth.

I put her blanket and her pillows cover in the wash. Went she wanted to curl up for warmth I put her jacket on. I noticed it seemed a little red around one of the nails and she had been licking it, so I put some Betadine (iodine) on it.

sore dog paw nail   iggy covering her sore paw

Later she went out again and I saw her staring at a frog on the garden path. I called her inside and thought everything was okay because the frog hopped off.  Again Later, when she came back from outside she had something in her mouth! For a moment I thought it was the frog, but it was the bird from earlier’s head. Eww. She put it down on her pillow and there were ants on it. I picked her up and put her down in her bed, confining her to the bed room so that I could clean up.

I have no idea if she had killed the little thing or if she had just taken it off the neighbours’ cat.  Is she just trying to up her game in the gift-bringing department? Gabi, I really liked the flowers! Bring me flowers! Is it  just the hunting instinct? Does my little Iggy have some form of PICA (eating weird stuff, due to nutritional deficiency)?

agro iggy       severed bird head
It seemed too hot for her jacket so I took it off. As I touched her right front paw, she yelped. I had a look and the nail looks almost loose. I put on more Betadine but she only licked it off.  She snapped at me when I touched that toe, so it must be really painful.  Not sure if the nail got caught somewhere or if she chewed on the cuticle or something whilst grooming.

Today was very taxing and frustrating. I hope the nail is okay, though she’ll probably have to have it looked at.  Let’s hope tomorrow brings a better day.


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