Hoppity Hop

Published March 28, 2012 by lowercase v

Although she didn’t have much of an appetite today, but graciously accepted a few dog biscuits She lied in her bed all day but when we took a short walk, she was well enough to chase the neighbour cat, even if it was from the other side of the fence.

Her “thumb-nail” or dew claw still seemed painful, I decided to tape it down. It’s kind of loose and stands to the side sometimes. I’m scared she’ll get it caught on something and rip it off completely.  She also keeps licking at it. I wiped it with salt water gauze and put on some betadine. It was nearly impossible, since she just would not sit still and she would yep if I went near her dew claw. I then wrapped gauze around the area and wrapped stretch plaster/tape around the paw. I don’t know if it’s just psychosomatic, because the wrapping doesn’t look like it would restrict movement, but she’s walking with a bit of a limb.


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