bad mom! bad!

Published March 30, 2012 by lowercase v

Today it has been raining for most of the day. I took Gabi for a short walk around the block. On the one sidewalk my little scavenger picked up something large in her mouth. It was a a kebab. I could not identify the type of meat but it was rather big. I took it from her mouth and a big chunk of meat stuck in her mouth, which of course she ate. I chucked the kebab far out of reach and directed her on with the walk. She must’ve thought I was crazy to take the meat from her and not eat it herself. 

sad gabi

Today I bought some spot-on tick & flea treatment which I’ll apply tomorrow. I’ve also  bought a pair of pet nail clippers so that I can cut that nagging dew claw and trim her nails. How ever I need to get the stupid Elastoplast tape of her paw.  I put some gauze around the paw and tried to get as little tape on her skin as possible, but she was moving around too much (and she has very little fur) so I did stick some on her skin. Now every I try to pull the tape off  she cries and nips (gently) at me with her teeth.  I probably shouldn’t have used tape but I just wanted the nail to stay put until I could take care off it.

I Googled how to remove the tape and the article I found suggested applying baby oil, then waiting 5 minutes and then trying to remove it. I guess that’s worth a short. I’m going to try that and will report back. 

At some point I will also review the nailclippers. 

Next time Mommy will know better. 



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