Published March 31, 2012 by lowercase v

Today Gabi enjoyed sunbathing on the porch.

italian greyhound sun bathes

Last night I applied some baby oil to the bandage. The only issue with this is that Gabi licked it a bit. This morning I put some more baby oil on the tape and waited 5 minutes. I then could easily peel off. There was a last small bit which I had to rip, but it wasn’t too bad, though she did yelp.  I cleaned the rest off the glue off with baby oil. I rubbed the oil of with a baby wipe followed by surgical spirits. I gave her some treats and kept her busy until the alcohol evaporated. She then gave a general moan (supposedly complaining at all the “doctoring”).
My father held her  for me and after I gave her treats and tried to get the right positioning, I clipped a chunk off nail. I probably could’ve cut more but I wanted to be careful. She was crying and trying to pull away. I managed to clip off an 8mm piece from the dew claw. It looks much better now.  The other nails will have to wait a while

She also got a pip of spot-on tick & flea treatment today, for which my mother held her. This didn’t seem to bother her that much. Tough of course we’ll have to be careful with touching her skin for a while.



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