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The Sandwich Thief

Published April 30, 2012 by lowercase v

This is a funny video I found online of a little Ig named Bruce.. I Hope Gabi does not get up to this type of shenanigans.


Nail Fail. Nail clippers review.

Published April 29, 2012 by lowercase v

Manufacturer: Pet Kingdom. Sold in SA by DARO

pet nail clippers

I bought these particular clippers, because it was urgent and they where basically the first ones I found that seemed okay.

Reasonably priced?: Yes, under R100.

User friendly: NO.
The product comes with absolutely no instructions of any time. So if it is your first time using pet nail clippers it might be a bit confusing. For instance where the fork does the little safety thing at the top go. Also to release the safety clip so that you  can open the clippers, you need to push the handles in together as far as they go and the push the clip towards the outside. You now have the clippers open and ready to use.

Comfortable:   Uh, not really
I feel that I have to push down really hard. Not sure the blades are all that sharp.

Clean Cut:  Um, does not look that way to me.

Recommended:  Yes, but only in a bind.
At least these clippers took car of Gabi’s half-torn dew claw (thumb nail)



iggy dog's paw on blue towel

Trying to trim Gabi’s nails seems to be impossible. We’ve had two attempts now (one about  a week ago) where my mom would hold her down and I would carefully look for the best place to cut and then cut. Gabi squirms a lot! Last time she only started crying on the third when I cut a little close to the life. This time she cried with every nail! Even though I tried to be soothing and gave her a treat after I cut the nail. Again we only cut two or three.

She does seem terrible terrified, perhaps because she can SEE the f-king clippers.  She does seem to have a pain association with having her nails clipped. I’m unsure as to whether this stems from the dew claw thing or from her past.

About a week

Published April 26, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi stayed at home while I went with my parents to visit my grandma, who turned 84, out of town. When we got there  Grandma asked where Gabi was. Didn’t see any damage when we got back so Gabi was given treat.  I planned on taking her to the park, but we ended up napping on the couch. I was wiped out from the car trip.

Went to my brother’s for lunch (his birthday was also Saturday) and Gabi went with this time. She was well behaved and after some time running around and exploring, she lied down on her mat. Gabi and I walked home, though this doesn’t far because my brother lives in our neighbourhood. Again I planned going to the park, but we took a nap because I was sleepy from the wine.

There were a lot of rainy days which meant staying in and short walks on Monday and Tuesday, when we could.   My mom and I tried to clip Gabi’s nails, but we only clipped a few because she seemed freaked out. I think I cut the one a bit close to the life. I had a few errands to run and Gabi couldn’t go with me. On Wednesday I took her to the spruitjie (creek). On the way home I tried securing her on the front seat, but she had too much slack and almost managed to climb to the back. She did manage to climb on my lap, which kind of defeats the purpose of the seat belt attachment.

I made a cottage cheese tart (basically a cheese cake) on Tuesday evening and gave Gabi the empty cottage cheese container to lick out. She absolutely loved it.

Today we went to the spruitjie again. Gabi was very good in the Car.  She had a blast running off-leash. Running into bushes, running up and down slopes, sniffing, smelling and exploring.

Tomorrow is Freedom Day, a South African national holiday, which makes it a long weekend. Tuesday is  Worker’s Day and with many people taking leave, which makes it a super long weekend. Gabi and I will probably go on a dog walk with some friends.

Time To Go Home!

Published April 19, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi has been with me for 2 months now! It feels like much, much longer though. Today I did give her some extra treats.

She spent some time this morning lounging in the sun… and spots of sunlight seeping through the windows.

iggy in sweater lounging on bed

This afternoon I took her to the park and we tried her new seat belt clip (review here). She was incredibly excited by the time I parked at the park and had a huge grin.

happy excited italian greyhound

She had fun running around the park and chasing birds. There were fewer dogs than the previous time although she did get a bit cheeky with a German Shepard. We didn’t walk as far as we did on the previous visit.

italian greyhound in park

Halfway through the park Gabi started jumping up against me and there were no scary dogs around! It had suddenly gotten overcast and there was a chilly wind blowing. I picked Gabi up as she jumped and she was shivering. I decided to turn around and go home. I put her down on the ground after a few steps. So she trotted and at times I jogged, although I am spectacularly unfit. We reached the car just in time when it started to rain.

I’m so glad I heeded Gabi’s please to go home. She just love to run and play, when she suddenly doesn’t want to do that, you have to listen.

Gabi Tries: The Rogz Safety Belt Clip

Published April 19, 2012 by lowercase v

PRODUCT NAME: Safety Belt Clip – (Landing Strip)
CATEGORY: Travel Accessories

seatbelt clip, dog restraint
The belt clip can be used with your existing dog harness. It connects your car’s seat belt to your dog’s Gabi uses a Rogz step-in harness. You will not find anything about the product on their website as the site is generally very helpful, though most of their product are great.

The belt doesn’t seem as easy to use as say, this kind of seat belt clip (which plugs directly into the buckle).

Takes some time to secure. Best thing seems to be to secure it to the dog’s harness first then run the seat belt through the loop of the product and then secure the seat belt. The belt pulls the harness down to the side, this might be somewhat uncomfortable, since the whole harness shifts. Gabi didn’t seem too chuffed about the restraint, but she didn’t seem too distressed either.

Reasonably priced? YES (Around R65/ $8)
Does it stop the dog from jumping between back and front seats? YES
Does it stop dog from climbing on drivers lap? YES
Does it stop dog from falling on to floor? YES
Does it prevent injury during sudden stops? UNKNOWN
Does it prevent injury during accidents? MEH (Product has disclaimer stating that it does no to prevent injury)
Does it annoy dog? YES
Does do try to get out of restraint? YES
Better than car harness? NO (I’m guessing. Car harnesses are padded across the chest area and prevent injury)

This is fine as a temporary solution, but in the long run I probably want to get a proper car harness.

I’m still using the car seat belt. Both Gabi and I have gotten used to it. It makes car trips easier and I don’t see the need for any other kind of car harness or restraint. A seat protector might be a different story,


oh pooh!

Published April 17, 2012 by lowercase v

italian greyhound sleeping in pink polka dot sweater

Today there were three things on the agenda. Firstly I had to wait for a package for Gabi, secondly I had to go to the bank and thirdly I had to go to a seminar late afternoon which would leave Gabi home alone. I was hoping to get the package early, but the Courier Guy only showed up as we were on our way to the seminar, which means banking will have to wait until tomorrow.

The seminar was from 16:00-19:00 which meant Gabi would be home alone for at least 4 hours. She was very excited to see her humans when I opened the door. My mother discovered some old dried out dog poop on a rug in the living room. Yuck! When I when to the bathroom I saw a big yellow stain on the bathmat! Gabi can easily get in and out of the house when she needs to. She very clearly acted out against being left alone. If behaviour like this happens again, she’ll probably have to stay outside when she’s home alone. I hope this doesn’t happen because winter is rapidly approaching.

One of the cuter, yet still naughty, things Gabi did today was to drag my fleece blanket from my bed, onto her doggy bed.

I finally had a chance to open the package after cleaning up. It contained a fleece doggy jersey, a sea-belt clip (which I will post about at some later stage) and sunscreen wipes. The jersey, which’s colour and pattern I couldn’t choose, turned out to be pick with polka dots and looks pretty cute. The lady from the website also threw in 2 (I assume) raw hide type sinew chews, which is pretty damn cool. I gave Gabi one of the chews and just didn’t have the heart to take it away again. she just loved it so much! She ate the whole (14cm) thing!

We didn’t go for a walk today, but we had a little night time excursion through the complex to get the mail. She seemed to enjoy it, even though it means she had to get up. With her little belly full of chew, my little iggy will probably sleep like an angel tonight.

Run Free

Published April 11, 2012 by lowercase v

Today I took Gabi too a off-leash park. When we got in the car she was rubbing up against seat. I’m not sure whether she was trying to get her pesky harness off or whether she just had an itch that needed scratching. One thing I do know is that I’ll need to find her a car harness or seatbelt attachment soon


The park is absolutely lovely. It has a long stretch off grass where dogs can run off leash. There are also plenty of birds to chase. They were busy mowing the lawn while we were there, so you know the grass is kept short, visibility is good, which means it’s safe.  Sadly I left my camera at home today.

When I threw the ball for Gabi to fetch, she went for it but was distracted by a  labrador and it’s owner who suddenly appeared. She ran up to it, barking,  with her tail wagging. As soon as she was a few feet away and the lab started chasing her, she made a b-line straight back to me and jumped into my arms. It friendly lab came up to us and I spoke it to calmly and allowed it to sniff Gabi’s butt. The lab was the called away.

Gabi repeated the exercise with two terriers, one of whom an Airedale, who were still practically pups. When the smaller terrier ran up to me Gabi inadvertently kicked the poor girl as she was trying to scramble up into my arms. As I tried to stroke the little dog and she stepped closer, Gabi snapped at her and she ran back to her humans.

On our way back, we also met two very young Weimaraners who Gabi interacted with.  It went better than it usually does with large dogs, she didn’t try to claw up into my arms, but she still wasn’t fully at ease.  Gabi was also cautious of their owner, who is male.

There is something obviously lacking in my girl’s social skills. Or maybe she was well socialized, but just so traumatized that it all went down the tubes…

*Image: “Tyson”,