Published April 4, 2012 by lowercase v

Yesterday I baked some dog biscuits for Gabi. I added a bit of ginger to the dough. She seems to like ginger bread and drives me nuts whenever I’m eating a cookie. I used the small cookie cutter to make some really small cookies which I can use for training. 

baking cookies heart shaped cookies

Gabi’s dew claw (thumb nail)  is no longer an issue. The other day I decided to cut off another piece of nail while she was clam and lying with her paws exposed. As I cut, she yelped and jerked and the rest of the loose nail tore off. I guess it was a bit like pulling a baby tooth. I put on some antiseptic and a plaster (band-aid), but the plaster didn’t stay on long. I found it today in the front garden. 

iggy chilling on the couch

We gave Gabi a bath today and she feels incredibly soft. My new fleece blanket was washed this morning and Gabi and I have been cuddling on it this evening. She is also wearing her sweater so everything is just warm and fuzzy.  

iggy getting sleepy


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