Run Free

Published April 11, 2012 by lowercase v

Today I took Gabi too a off-leash park. When we got in the car she was rubbing up against seat. I’m not sure whether she was trying to get her pesky harness off or whether she just had an itch that needed scratching. One thing I do know is that I’ll need to find her a car harness or seatbelt attachment soon


The park is absolutely lovely. It has a long stretch off grass where dogs can run off leash. There are also plenty of birds to chase. They were busy mowing the lawn while we were there, so you know the grass is kept short, visibility is good, which means it’s safe.  Sadly I left my camera at home today.

When I threw the ball for Gabi to fetch, she went for it but was distracted by a  labrador and it’s owner who suddenly appeared. She ran up to it, barking,  with her tail wagging. As soon as she was a few feet away and the lab started chasing her, she made a b-line straight back to me and jumped into my arms. It friendly lab came up to us and I spoke it to calmly and allowed it to sniff Gabi’s butt. The lab was the called away.

Gabi repeated the exercise with two terriers, one of whom an Airedale, who were still practically pups. When the smaller terrier ran up to me Gabi inadvertently kicked the poor girl as she was trying to scramble up into my arms. As I tried to stroke the little dog and she stepped closer, Gabi snapped at her and she ran back to her humans.

On our way back, we also met two very young Weimaraners who Gabi interacted with.  It went better than it usually does with large dogs, she didn’t try to claw up into my arms, but she still wasn’t fully at ease.  Gabi was also cautious of their owner, who is male.

There is something obviously lacking in my girl’s social skills. Or maybe she was well socialized, but just so traumatized that it all went down the tubes…

*Image: “Tyson”,


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