Gabi Tries: The Rogz Safety Belt Clip

Published April 19, 2012 by lowercase v

PRODUCT NAME: Safety Belt Clip – (Landing Strip)
CATEGORY: Travel Accessories

seatbelt clip, dog restraint
The belt clip can be used with your existing dog harness. It connects your car’s seat belt to your dog’s Gabi uses a Rogz step-in harness. You will not find anything about the product on their website as the site is generally very helpful, though most of their product are great.

The belt doesn’t seem as easy to use as say, this kind of seat belt clip (which plugs directly into the buckle).

Takes some time to secure. Best thing seems to be to secure it to the dog’s harness first then run the seat belt through the loop of the product and then secure the seat belt. The belt pulls the harness down to the side, this might be somewhat uncomfortable, since the whole harness shifts. Gabi didn’t seem too chuffed about the restraint, but she didn’t seem too distressed either.

Reasonably priced? YES (Around R65/ $8)
Does it stop the dog from jumping between back and front seats? YES
Does it stop dog from climbing on drivers lap? YES
Does it stop dog from falling on to floor? YES
Does it prevent injury during sudden stops? UNKNOWN
Does it prevent injury during accidents? MEH (Product has disclaimer stating that it does no to prevent injury)
Does it annoy dog? YES
Does do try to get out of restraint? YES
Better than car harness? NO (I’m guessing. Car harnesses are padded across the chest area and prevent injury)

This is fine as a temporary solution, but in the long run I probably want to get a proper car harness.

I’m still using the car seat belt. Both Gabi and I have gotten used to it. It makes car trips easier and I don’t see the need for any other kind of car harness or restraint. A seat protector might be a different story,



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