Time To Go Home!

Published April 19, 2012 by lowercase v

Gabi has been with me for 2 months now! It feels like much, much longer though. Today I did give her some extra treats.

She spent some time this morning lounging in the sun… and spots of sunlight seeping through the windows.

iggy in sweater lounging on bed

This afternoon I took her to the park and we tried her new seat belt clip (review here). She was incredibly excited by the time I parked at the park and had a huge grin.

happy excited italian greyhound

She had fun running around the park and chasing birds. There were fewer dogs than the previous time although she did get a bit cheeky with a German Shepard. We didn’t walk as far as we did on the previous visit.

italian greyhound in park

Halfway through the park Gabi started jumping up against me and there were no scary dogs around! It had suddenly gotten overcast and there was a chilly wind blowing. I picked Gabi up as she jumped and she was shivering. I decided to turn around and go home. I put her down on the ground after a few steps. So she trotted and at times I jogged, although I am spectacularly unfit. We reached the car just in time when it started to rain.

I’m so glad I heeded Gabi’s please to go home. She just love to run and play, when she suddenly doesn’t want to do that, you have to listen.


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