Nail Fail. Nail clippers review.

Published April 29, 2012 by lowercase v

Manufacturer: Pet Kingdom. Sold in SA by DARO

pet nail clippers

I bought these particular clippers, because it was urgent and they where basically the first ones I found that seemed okay.

Reasonably priced?: Yes, under R100.

User friendly: NO.
The product comes with absolutely no instructions of any time. So if it is your first time using pet nail clippers it might be a bit confusing. For instance where the fork does the little safety thing at the top go. Also to release the safety clip so that you  can open the clippers, you need to push the handles in together as far as they go and the push the clip towards the outside. You now have the clippers open and ready to use.

Comfortable:   Uh, not really
I feel that I have to push down really hard. Not sure the blades are all that sharp.

Clean Cut:  Um, does not look that way to me.

Recommended:  Yes, but only in a bind.
At least these clippers took car of Gabi’s half-torn dew claw (thumb nail)



iggy dog's paw on blue towel

Trying to trim Gabi’s nails seems to be impossible. We’ve had two attempts now (one about  a week ago) where my mom would hold her down and I would carefully look for the best place to cut and then cut. Gabi squirms a lot! Last time she only started crying on the third when I cut a little close to the life. This time she cried with every nail! Even though I tried to be soothing and gave her a treat after I cut the nail. Again we only cut two or three.

She does seem terrible terrified, perhaps because she can SEE the f-king clippers.  She does seem to have a pain association with having her nails clipped. I’m unsure as to whether this stems from the dew claw thing or from her past.


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