Nervous/ Excited.

Published May 27, 2012 by lowercase v

I have been sleeping on an air mattress for the past week, since my grandmother is visiting until next weekend, and she is sleeping in my bed.  I don’t mind at all, though it is a tad annoying that the mattress needs to be re-inflated every few days. Gabi loves it! My “bed” is now right next to hers on the floor. It makes it much easier to crawl in right next to me or to roll on the fleece blanket.

ON FRIDAY Gabi and I went to visit my friends J & E.  I was already on my way when J let me know that she had to pick up E and was running late. I decided to take Gabi to a park close to their home to pass the time. While I was busy at the car, getting out a treat for Gabi and putting away my camera (dead battery- meaning I had to take lame pics on my phone for the rest of the day) some excited dogs came up to the fence  and barked at Gabi. She jumped right into the boot of my car (trunk).

ig in trunk  ig in car trunk

It was a nice visit. It was Gabi’s first meeting with their dog Violet, a 8-year old mixed breed, who like Gabi, has also had some bad experiences with other dogs. At first they were quite snappy with each other, but after some time they smelled each other’s butts and made friends. Soon they were running around together barking at the same noises and peeing in the same spots.

There was however a snag when if came to Lily, the cat. Lily usually hides when guests visits, but she always comes down stairs to say hello to me. Gabi was sitting on my lap when the kitty came to greet me. At first she seemed excited but well-behaved. When I stroked Lily’s head to say hello, Gabi started barking. The cat ran off to the top of the stairs and Gabi ran after her, thinking it’s a game of chase. She stood halfway up the stairs incessantly barking, which started to freak little out.  E took the cat upstairs while J and I hung out outside with the dogs.

Whenever Gabi caught glimpse f the cat she was completely obsessed with her. I had to put her on her leash several times. Not that long after dinner I took my dog-child home so that the poor kitty could recover.  J and decided to rather take the dogs to the park next time.

On Sunday (today) morning Gabi went with me and my parents and gran to my brother’s for coffee. She was well behaved.

In the afternoon we went to a park to meet up with our regular pack of doggy friends. I left home 5 minutes later than planned and ended up driving for ages, because the friends were using a different entrance (it’s a huge park). I was quite late and Gabi seemed nervous of the other dogs from the get go. She seemed to have forgotten the other doggies in our group or maybe she just wasn’t feeling social. It was also a bit cool and I didn’t pack a sweater for her. She sat on my lap most of the time.

I had some dog biscuits for the pack. One of the dogs loves getting treats (and can get a bit aggressive about them) and even after getting her treat she was standing there right in front of me. I was holding a biscuit for one of the dogs who was playing with his ball and looked away for the little girl in front of me (and Gabi on my lap). The next thing I knew she was coming at us and probably snapped at  Gabi. I rolled back trying cover Gabi best I could, hurting my wrist in the process. The other dog’s mom called her off and took her and her sister for a walk. Gabi wasn’t injured and probably had a fright. When the dog, who really is a beautiful and lovely girl, came back she  gently up to me. Almost as if to say she was sorry.  We put some rescue drops (homeopathic sedative) on Gabi’s ears and I took her on a walk, which seemed to help.

It was a rather eventful weekend and Gabi sleeping it off.


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