GABI TRIES: Vondis Dog Biscuits

Published July 10, 2012 by lowercase v

Vondi’s is a South African brand specializing in alternative nutrition and health  for dogs.  Their “health biscuits” for dogs were co-created by SA celebrity chef , Jenny Morris, and come in 4 flavours:
dog biscuits

  • Rooibos & Mint (for skin allergies)
  • Rosehip & Devils Claw (for Arthritis)
  • Spirulina (for immunity and well-being)
  • Diatomaceous Earth (deworming)

I was lucky enough to win a hamper with all 4 flavours in a competition and was eager for Gabi to try them.  There was a mix up with the mailing, but Vondi’s was more than willing to rectify the mistake and resend the package.

I gave the Rosehip & Devil’s claw to my friend’s golden retriever, Anja, who seems to be having problems with arthritis.  As Murphy would have it, the package I intended to give away had a tear in the bag, so I had to give it to my friend in a plastic bag.  On the plus side though it meant that Gabi could try one. She seemed to like it.

iggy gabi with dog biscuit  italian greyhound eating cookie

With the Di-Earth (deworming) biscuits I was a bit confused about how much to give her.  I didn’t want to upset her digestion, so I decided on 1-2 biscuits a day. Whether or not it helped to keep worms away (she had already been dewormed a few months ago),  I have no idea. She seemed to enjoy them and they’re probably a lot nicer than deworming tablets).

The Spirulina cookies are green in colour. The other 3 biscuit flavours should not be green. If  your packet of biscuits is green, something’s off…  Gabi seemed to love these biscuits a lot.

iggy eating  italian greyhound licking lips

Were currently on the Rooibos & Mint biscuits. Once again Gabi loves them. I’m curious to see if it will improve her sensitive skin.

In general these are lovely reasonably priced, healthy dog biscuits.  They’re thin, hard and a bit difficult to break, which  makes them great for chewing. Gabi simply cannot gobble these up in two bites.  They are made of natural ingredients and contain no preservatives or colourants.  However,  being preservative free means you probably shouldn’t keep an open pack in the cupboard forever.

I’d probably go with the Roibos & Mint and Spirulina varieties in future. I also like the fact that I’ll be supporting a Proudly South African product.


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