WODAC 2012

Published July 23, 2012 by lowercase v

This past Friday I went to World Of Dogs And Cats at Gallaghar Convention Centre in Midrand. Dogs were not allowed at the venue unless they were part of the show, so Gabi stayed home with her grandma. I went with a friend.

The Expo hosted several pet product – and charity exhibits and also featured several shows including Flyball and Agility. There also was a horse display for the first time in WODAC history and I saw there cutest little miniature horses. Seriously they can probably stand underneath a regular horse!

Most of the pet food companies gave away samples of their products and I also walked away with a frisbee and several applications of Spot On tick repellent from Bayer. Upon checking the expiration date on the Spot On today, August 2012, I discovered that I am NOT set for as long as I thought. Oh well I’ll just give some of it too friends.

We had lunch from the convention centre’s cafetria. The cashier rang up the wrong meal and over charged me R10. We after checking the receipt we pointed out the mistake. She called her manager to fix the problem, which he did, but no-one even said sorry. My sandwich was nice, but the hummus was laid on way too thick, which made it a bit sloppy to eat. We ate lunch as we were watching Flyball in the main arena.

I bought several raffle tickets from animal charities even though I wasn’t interested in all the prizes. I didn’t buy anything for Gabi except a few treats. From Animal Ambulance I bought  cupcakes (for dogs) and from Pug Rescue I bought the more adorable lollypup, the stick is made from rawhide and the “sucker” is a dog biscuit decorate with carob on it. She was crazy about her lollypup!


I think that if I didn’t have little more than lunch more and nonviable plastic, I would probably have walked away with a few grooming products, toys and gadgets.

Gabi was very excited and glad when I got home… and extremely interested in bad ball full of edibles.


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