Happy Semi-Anniversary!

Published August 19, 2012 by lowercase v

My sweet Gabi has been with me for six months already! I can’t believe how time has flown, though it does feel in a way like she has always been part of my life.  The day I took her home was also a Sunday (like today).

Some images from 19 February 2012:

So, 19 August 2012:
She had a nice fresh raw carrot to chew on and  yes dogs do eat carrots, it’s a healthy chew that’s good for their teeth. Today being a special, she gets fresh, cooked “human” food instead of kibble The meal consists of brown rice, lentils, sweet potato, butternut and a boiled egg…  Gabi loved her meal and wolfed everything up.  After she first started eating, she looked up as if to say: Is this really for ME?  She now has a full belly and is taking a nice long Sunday nap.


Iggy eating a carrot

I was thinking of taking her to one of the nice parks we usually take the dog friends, but I think I’ll rather do that in the week when it’s quieter. I will however take her for a walk and play a bit of fetch.

It is hard to fully convey how much this little dog means to me. She puts a smile on my face every day. I let her sleep in my bed (even though she does not shower every night), I clean up after her  and carry her when she jumps up in my arms. She’s my best friend, even when she has bad breath. I love her.

Some images from the past 6 months:

   italian greyhound in blanket  italian greyhound with red ribbom


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