Review: Snout Balm

Published September 4, 2012 by lowercase v

I bought some Supa Pet Snout Balm a few months ago for Gabi’s nose.  It was manufactured in Canada, is vegan and contains:
Candelilla wax, Shea butter, Hempseed oil, Kukui nut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary extract, D-alpha tocopherol and Vit.E.

It does seem to moisturize the snout well. Over time however, the balm went grainy/ lumpy. I recently asked the local distributor on Facebook about it and they suggested that I melt it, remix it, and let it cool.

At first I placed the tin in a cup of boiled water but only some of the balm melted and it did not mix well.

I then put the tin in a small saucepan with water and boiled it on the stove top. After taking the tin out, I had to  wait a long while before I could touch it. I then struggled with the tin and could not open it as it was still hot. I shook the tin in order to mix the balm and left it to cool. I still struggle when the tin cooled down, due to it being partially sealed, but was able to open the tin.  The mixture seems smooth and whole, but there seemed to be some moisture. I was worried that it wasn’t mixed well:

So I tried putting it in a cup of boiled water. Again. But for longer. Same result. Water like substance separate, but mixed with the balm

Saw a snout balm online that sounded good and had the same ingredients, including Shea Nut butter which is according to them is a natural sunscreen. So decided to give the Super Pet   Snout Balm another go. I again boiled it in the saucepan, I was somewhat worried that the high temperature would ruin the good properties of the oils, so I used a lower heat setting. This time I again struggled with the tin and the balm was not properly melted. The watery fluid was still present, which meant opening the tin carefully, or else the liquid would splash. I’m not sure if  water got in the tin during the heating process or whether it is an ingredient that no longer mixes with the others.

I’m wondering if I should have stored the product in the fridge, since the lable does say store below 25°C/ 77°F. Though, I did winter in winter, it’s less spreadable.

Should I get a new tin, store it perfectly and NEVER EVER try to reset it myself? Maybe, though I can’t really afford to experiment. So my advice: If your snout balm is lump, used it as it is or replace it.

UPDATE: 7 September

Today when I opened the tin there was brown rusty gunk in the lid. There were also some in the balm, which made be feel less confident about using the product on my dog.  It made me want to throw the snout balm in the rubbish. I hate wasting things. I hate wasting money. I really liked this product in the beginning, so I’m feeling extremely disappointed. I don’t know if I got a bad tin or if Supa Pet needs to start adding a package insert but at this point I feel it’s a failure.


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