Rainy Day and Grattitude

Published September 7, 2012 by lowercase v

Even though it is supposed to be spring, it has been quite chilly since yesterday.

Last night Gabi was outside, barking at what ever was behind the wall, along with the neighbours’ dogs.  However, Gabi continued barking long after the others, even though she’s usually quieter than them. I suspected that something was happening and thought that it was probably one of our neighbour’s cats.  I had called for Gabs to come inside, but she ignored me. I decided to go outside and investigate. As I was buys unlocking the security door, Gabi ran up to the porch and stepped into the light. I shrieked. She had a bird in her mouth. Before I could do anything, she was through the bars of the security door and on the living room couch. My mom chased her off and Gabi bolted for my room. I found her in her bed, looking guilty, with the bird in her mouth. I picked her up and carried her outside. I tried to get her to let go of the bird, but she wouldn’t. Eventually I had to pry it from her mouth. Needless to say I cleaned her face and brushed her teeth.


Today was more of an indoorsy day. When there was a spot of sunshine, I took Gabi for a walk around the blog. For the rest of the day she was either sleeping in her bed or cuddled op too me. At one stage there wasn’t a blanket with us so she crawled in under my jacket and cuddled up behind my back. Today Gabi also suddenly got interested in a rawhide bone which she’s had for more than a week. It must have been the weather, because she was chewing compulsively and chew the one end of the bone right off.  There was a big thunder storm this afternoon. It also hailed.  So much hail was on the grass, it almost looked like snow.

I’m just thankful my car was in the garage. For that matter, I’m also glad that I have a car! (Even if it is old, secondhand and regularly needs fixing).

On days like these I mostly grateful that Gabi is with me… and not lonely in some kennel.


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