A visit to the vet.

Published September 13, 2012 by lowercase v


Today Gabi  had diarrhea again and it was a bit bloody. So I did what I had been postponing it for a long time, I took her to the vet. I expected him to give her some antibiotics and send her more, but things were a bit more complicated.

Gabi weighed in at 5.6kg and presented with a fever. The vet did a check-up and did a rectal smear test and looked at it under his microscope.

The vet was unsure about her smear, since there were abnormal cells,  so he’s sending it to the lab. He thought it might be either just compounded infection (due to not getting antibiotics earlier) or precancerous. We will hear back from the lab next week and go from there. If the lab results doesn’t say anything and there isn’t much improvement she’ll probably need to get a colon biopsy.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.

She got two shots, a  broad spectrum dewormer and some medicine (Valbenzen – antibiotic?)  to take home, along with two cans of Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal food. I was also told to continue with the probiotics.

She threw up early this evening so I waited a while before feeding her or giving her her meds. Gabi love the food and scarfed the bit I gave her down in one gulp. When I tried to give her her medicine with the syringe she first wanted to run away, probably though it was another shot. I squirted a bit of the liquid into my palm and let  her sniff it. She was having none of that… So I had to open her jaw and shoot the medicine into her mouth. At least I know I can mix the probiotic powder with some soft food and I a can be sure that she’ll eat it.

I wish I had taken her to the  vet a lot sooner, but other than her tummy seems so healthy and full of life. I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous since returning from the vet, but it is probably just from worrying.


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