Review: Protexin Soluble

Published September 13, 2012 by lowercase v

Protexin is a multi-strain Probiotic for animals. It comes in the form of a white soluble powder. For Gabi I use 2 grams  (half a medicine measure) daily.

Reason for use:
Gabi seemed to be having digestive issues.  She had very loose stools. She gagged a lot and was very gassy. Her tummy also made a lot of noises.

Recommended use:
“Add and mix into milk, milk replacer or water, or simply sprinkle over the animals food.” (Instructions on box)

Dog likes?:
At times I’ve had trouble getting her to ingest the powder dissolved in water. She ate it in peanut butter, but I thought it would be to fatty to use on a daily basis, especially when she has stomach troubles. I also didn’t want to use milk, because many dogs are lactose intolerant. I have found she will usually lick the powder off my hand. When she doesn’t  want to lick it, I just sprinkle the powder over her kibble and it eventually gets eaten.

After two weeks, I am very satisfied in the results so far. There is already an improvement in her stool. She also seems to be gagging a lot less and is far less gassy. Her tummy is also less noisy. I will continue using this as a daily probiotic supplement long after her tummy troubles is a thing of the pas. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends.

Protexin is readily available is South African pet stores as well as several online pet stores.


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