Not Cancer!

Published September 18, 2012 by lowercase v

We got the results back from Gabi’s fecal smear and the great news is: The cells are not precancerous. IT’S NOT CANCER!!!

The vet said that it was just gastro-intestinal infection and asked me to bring her in for a check-up and possibly more shots/ medicine. Gabi looks much better since our last visit, although she still has a slight fever. She also has irritation in her eyes for which she got eye drops. I just have to watch what she eats and watch her poop for signs of problems. I’ll also have to switch to a better food.

The vet told me I should not be feeding her carrots or peanut-butter, because she’d develop an allergy because it’s vegetable. He (like most) believes dogs are carnivores. Needless to say feeling somewhat confused. I don’t want to aggravate Gabi’s tummy in any way. Obviously. This is just sad, because SHE LOVES CARROTS.

I guess I shouldn’t be baking her cookies either. :(

Thanks you all for your support and good wishes!



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