10 Italian Greyhound Facts

Published September 27, 2012 by lowercase v

Italian Greyhound, IG, iggy


  1. The IG belongs to the Sighthound/ Gazehound family and is the smallest member of the group. Other sighthounds are: Greyhound, Afghan, Saluki, Irish Wolfhound, Galgo, Whippet, Borzoi, etc. The Italian Greyhound is also classed as a Toy Dog.
  2. It’s an old breed. It likely got his name due to its popularity in Renaissance Italy, although the breed might have originated in Greece or Turkey a few thousand years ago. Allegedly mummified dogs have been found in Egypt that resemble Italian Greyhounds.
  3. Italian Greyhounds are not Whippets. They’re much smaller than Whippets and also an older breed.
  4. They’re companion dogs. They’re sensitive, affectionate and love to cuddle. They’re not outside dogs.
  5. Easy to groom. Iggies have short coats. They don’t shed as much as most other breeds (but they do shed).
  6. Sensitive to the cold. Because of their short coats, Iggies easily get cold, so keep a blanket ready.
  7. Prone to broken legs. Especially in the first 18 months of their live when the bones are still developing. Puppies should be kept from jumping off couches, beds and other high platforms.
  8. Italian Greyhounds come in many types of colours. Solid colour, colour with white markings and also pied (white with coloured markings). Although brindle is a common Greyhound colour, it is not found in Iggies.
  9. Drug Sensitivity. Iggies like other sighthounds should not be given barbiturates (anesthesia), but should rather be given gas anesthetization.
  10. Brush their teeth regularly. Iggies are not droolers. They have relatively dry mouths. This means less saliva (obviously) to help clean the teeth.

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