Remember the 5th of November

Published October 31, 2012 by lowercase v

Guy Fawkes is coming up and there will be fireworks, which is ridiculous, especially if you don’t live in England. Fireworks can really traumatize pets.

While fireworks shows are really beautiful, they should be in a controlled and safe environment  No need to shoot them off in your backyard like some kind of hick. And I don’t see the point of firecrackers at all. Seriously, are we trying to ward of evil spirits  Is this ancient China? They just make noise. If you want to waste your money like that rather buy a lottery ticket, you’ll at least have a one in a gazillion chance to win a bit of money.  If you want to do something, read up on English history or watch V for Vandetta, it has Natalie Portman in it for crying out loud.

During fireworks please keep your pets safe and indoors. If they have a microchip, make sure it’s registered and that your info is up to date. If they tend to be nervous and spooked by noises, ask your vet for a sedative or try a natural remedy.

In other news, today is Halloween. Will Gabi be getting pumpkin treats? Her cute little face says she will.

italian greyhound


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