Stepped in it.

Published November 14, 2012 by lowercase v

iggy paw

As I was sitting on my bed, busy on my laptop, Gabi suddenly ran into the room. Like  usual, she jumped on the bed, full of energy and affection. She pawed me and licked me and bit (in a playful way) at my face. As I nudged her away I noticed wet paw prints on the bed cover. “What is this?” I asked.

I soon found out it was gunk. Ewwy, ewwy, gunk from the drain overflowing at the side of the house. Several drains in our townhouse complex have been having plumbing problems the past couple of days. Apparently some tree roots had overgrown and in time, damaged a  pipe.  Which sucks, because you can’t exactly trim tree roots.

So anyway I had to close the sliding doors to prevent Gabi from running around the house though the gunk.  No she can only go out the front.  

It’s a very unpleasant situation and I hope it will be fixed ASAP. Iggy needs to run.


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