Ramsgate Holiday (part 2)

Published January 27, 2013 by lowercase v

Saturday 19 January
Had to buy dog food since we were running low. The store ony had one brand of dogfood (a local one) but they had a variant we had sampled before, so that’s what I took. Gabi has been with me for 11 months, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.

staring little iggy

We went to the beach at Trafalgar. Gabi and I walked and explored while the parents were on the main no-dogs beach. Gabi ran out of sight while I dropped a baggy in the trash. I called her and she ran to me. She was soon followed by a couple with a Whippet and a Jack Russel. They fawned over Gabi and we chatted for a while.


We went to Margate which is right next to Ramsgate. We were at the main beach where Gabi couldn’t go. So I walked with her a bit a long the promenade and town. I took a different path back and found a part of “no-mans-land” beach separated from the main beach by a small stream. I took Gabi down to the stream and let her of leash for a while. On our way back to the stream a lovely blonde lady came up to me to check if Gabi is an iggy. She and her husband has two iggies at home. We decided to have lunch at home and then go to dinner after our late afternoon walk. We had a walk at the boat beach and then went to Flavour’s Restaurant. The restaurant turned out to be pretty smart, but even though we showed up in shorts and flip-flops they were friendly and accommodating. They were even kind enough to allow Gabi, since we would be sitting out side. I had two starters which were beautifully presently and looked like something from a cooking magazine. The portions were classic sized (not over-sized) and nobody even had to consider a doggy bag as everyone was able to finish and have room for desert. The meals were quite pricey (not a dining on a budget option), but the service and the food were excellent. After dinner we went back to the flat to pack our bags.

iggy on beach

Woke at six and after coffee and packing the last stuff we hit the road home. Had Steers (South African fast-food burger chain) for a late breakfast. Dad shared some of his second hamburger patty(it was Whacky Wednesday) with Gabi. We sat outside at a stone table under a tree (and not in the Steers seating).

We beat the afternoon rush hour traffic, between Joburg and Pretoria, home. Gabi was glad to be home and rolled aroud on my bed as soon as she got in the house. At first she would lie on her sleeping bag and not in her bed, but everything has gone back to normal now

exhausted in the car


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