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Gotcha Day

Published February 19, 2013 by lowercase v

gotcha day icecream

Has it really been a year? Time seems irrelevant somehow. Yet it is still a mile stone.  A year ago my dad and I drove to a park in Johannesburg to meet Gabi. She was somewhat shy and was off running around, exploring, not all that interested in us. When I walked with her on the leash we started bonding. When we met with other dogs, she jump up on me and I knew she wanted me to pick her up. After the walk she immediately climbed in her crate, but when we called her she came over and got into the car. I sat on the backseat next to her.  She slept the whole way. And that, as they say was it.

19 February 2012

Three Awesome Things Gabi Did

Published February 10, 2013 by lowercase v


  1. On Thursday morning, I opened the door for her to go outside. I didn’t notice that the front gate had been left open by our complex’s gardener and I went to make coffee.  When I finished making coffee I saw that Gabi was back in the room, so I closed the front door. I then noticed the open gate! She could have gone off exploring or she could have run away, but she chose to stay. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  2. Gabi went out in pouring rain on Friday night to pee. It was thundering. She hesitated at the door and I thought she wouldn’t go out, but she did. She did her thing and ran back to my room like a bat out of hell.
  3. I was watching TV and a woman was screaming. Gabi ran from outside, jumped on the couch to check if I was okay.