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Skin Deep

Published March 24, 2013 by lowercase v

I’m feeling a lot of anger toward a certain woman right now and her idiot husband… but mostly her.

lead me

On Tuesday, March 19th, some idiot people had left their gate open and the Jack Russel ran out., I didn’t panic, because, I thought it would just make things worse and that the JR probably just wanted to sniff. Then their Lab ran out and didn’t seem so friendly, so I called Gabi and she jumped into my arms. She had been slightly less skittish lately and now all that progress had been for nothing.

They called the dogs off me. They didn’t say sorry or nothing the horrible woman had the nerve to yell “why do you walk past when you saw there’s dogs here earlier.” ┬áThe audacity!
i told her it was her RESPONSIBILITY to keep her dogs in the yard… and I didn’t say this to them, but: FFS who keeps their gate open that long?!

I was surprised to find a bite wound on Gabi’s side, because she had not yelped nor has she made any sound of distress. I carried her home for most of the way home. She seemed to carried on as if nothing was wrong, but I wanted to have her checked out nonetheless.

Took Gabi to vet. The wound was only skin deep, a piece of fur and skin torn off. The vet applied some ointment and gave Gabi some shots and I got some ointment to take home… but she rubbed the would up against the car seat, so it looked slightly worse when we got home, but there wasn’t any real bleeding.

Day of bite wound today

I’ve been cleaning the wound 1-2 times a day and applying ointment. I try to prevent her from licking the ointment off, but she still does it. Luckily it doesn’t seem to do any harm but I’m keeping an eye on her. She also hasn’t really gone on walks since the incident, mainly because I din’t want to avoid exposing the wound to the sun. The wounds looks much better, but her skin looks pretty raw.

I can’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t have gone with anesthesia (would I have remembered to ask for gas anesthesia instead of barbiturates?) and stitches, rather than treating it as an open wound.
I can but feeling a niggle of self-blame for not picking up her up much sooner or crossing the street.

I just hope she heals very fast and very well, so that things call get back to normal.