The Visitor Returns

Published June 5, 2013 by lowercase v

Today, I saw  Lulu, the neighbour’s Jack Russell ,  jumping up and down next to the fence. I didn’t think she’d get over it so I continued with whatever I was doing.

Next thing I knew, Lulu was chilling in our back yard. I went outside again with the view of helping her get home. Despite letting me pet her on Monday after she and Gabi made friends, Lulu still wouldn’t let me near her.

Gabi came out to play with her and I watched them for a while. They seemed to be having tons of fun. I then tried helping Lulu home as she still didn’t seem like she could go back from this side.  She still wouldn’t let me pick it up.

I decided to have lunch and Gabi came in with me. After lunch I went to check on Luna and to see if she could go home. She was gone. I checked the neighbours’ yard and she was back home. I have no idea how she got back home.  Little trouble maker this one. Not only was she not wearing a tag today, she wasn’t wearing a collar. I hope she’s micro chipped.

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