Spring is near!

Published August 23, 2013 by lowercase v

spruitshadow b

It’s almost spring time. I’ve all ready seen a few mosquitoes. Eeek! I don’t like killing creatures, but I have absolutely no trouble swatting mozzies. This probably means tick and flea season is near.

Gabi had a bath yesterday. Of course, she hated it.(She was rewarded with a nice treat though) Despite a slightly chilly it was a pleasant sunny day.

She had a nice run in the park today. However, I had to carry her when we got there (the wind) and also after she chased some birds (exhausted, tongues hanging out)

I occasionally brush her teeth with baking soda (mixed with a little coconut oil) and they look MUCH better than a few months ago. Try it! (but gently)… I still wish I could afford to have her teeth cleaned properly by the vet though. Not at this moment.

The holes in the fence has been fixed, but Lulu (the neighbour’s jrt) keeps coming over. I’ve actually seen her climb the fence. Arghh!


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