Car Harness Safety Tip

Published September 7, 2013 by lowercase v

Gabi in harness w seatbelt clip

It has happened twice in the past month, making my heart stop every time.  Gabi’s leash got caught between the harness attachment and the seat belt buckle.

We use a Safety Belt Clip which I attach to her leash, which is attached to a step-in harness to (although the seat belt clip is meant to attach directly to the harness).  Why via the leash? I have found that attaching the belt to the leash (which is attached to the harness), is easier and faster than attaching the clip directly to the harness.

The two incidents with the leash really scared me. The first time, the leash was around her one hind leg and if I didn’t catch her she might have broken her leg, which is something that happens easily with Italian Greyhounds. Today she kind of hung by the harness, but she also could’ve gotten seriously hurt if I didn’t catch her and lift her back into the car. What made things more difficult is that,  as usual, she was so over eager and excited to get out of the car and getting the leash untangled was extremely tricky.

From no on when we ride in the car, I will be attaching the seat belt clip directly to her harness… and the leash will be nowhere near Gabi.

I’m just so relieved that she hasn’t gotten hurt!


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