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the unintended gift

Published January 29, 2014 by lowercase v

Until my 30th birthday I had a few stuffed toy animals on the  bookshelf in my bedroom. I now only have two, a tiny like mousse which my brother and soon to be sister-in-law brought back on a trip to Norway, and a tiny miniature schnauzer which was a gift from my mom. I put the other plush toys away in a wooden chest. My dad made this chest for me as a toy box when I was a child, but it is still with me and I use it for storage and as a bench/ table.


A few days ago I took some stuff out of the chest, because I wanted too look through a box of mementos. Gabi watched me with great interest when I put the toys back in the container.  I looked at the little Happy Feet penguin toy, which I got from my neighbours in China, because they new I liked the movie. I closed the lid and play with Gabi.  I then decided to give the toy for Gabi. What was I keeping it for? I thought about waiting until her Gotcha Day (adoption anniversary) next month, but decided to give the toy to her right there.

Gabi was very happy for her new Happy Feet. She chewed (gently) on the little penguin and she carried it around in her mouth… Tonight I found another toy next to her bed. I had now idea how it got there, but then realized that one the the plushies must’ve fallen out of sight when I closed the toy box.  My immediate gut reaction was to pick up the toy and put it back in the box, while Gabi watched.

Now this wasn’t just any toy. It is a little dog. A dog who now longer has eyes or a nose, whose one ear has chunks missing out of it.  This little dog is as old as I am, maybe older. My maternal grandfather bought this little dog for me on a business trip to Switzerland. When I was a baby. So it’s fair to say it has sentimental value. I wanted to keep it. For what? I don’t have kids. And a kid wouldn’t really appreciate it, would they? I was just thinking I’d hold it in my hands one day when I’m old and think of my grandpa… But, the dog was in the box and would probably be forgotten in the box when I’m old.

I was watching TV, decided to give the toy to Gabi, and got up. She seemed very glad to get the prize I took away from her earlier.
I have no idea what I’ll give her on her Gotcha day and birthday, but that’s okay.