Single minded Iggy.

Published February 4, 2014 by lowercase v

gabi in the garden

Last night Gabi was barking her head off outside. I turned on the security light and she was barking at something in the garden. So I went out with a flash light. I couldn’t see anything. I called her in but she wouldn’t listen. I carried her in, not noticing her muddy paws. I put her down on the floor and she just ran out again.

Later she was barking again. I went out. She was in the flower bed. I saw the frog. I didn’t want her to kill the poor creature and I didn’t want her to eat it and get sick.  I called her in, but she didn’t list. Carried her inside and closed the back door.

She ran out the front. After a while she was barking again. I went outside yet again to get her from the flower bed. I picked her up and carried her.  Saw her muddy paws and the muddy paw prints on my arms and clothes. I rinsed her paws off under the tap outside. She acted as if she was being tortured. Back inside,  I close all the doors.

She didn’t even care about Grandpa eating his dinner,  she just wanted outside. I fed her cheese to distract her and wiped some more dirt off her paws.

Later I  took her out on the leash to  pee,  she pulled on the leash just want to go back to the frog. The second time she did her thing and we went back inside.  Past 3 am I just let her outside on her own. She ran for the flower bed. I went out to get her once again. She saw me and probably feared a foot wash. She ran straight back inside and jumped in my bed. No paw prints on the tile floor. A good sign.

This morning she slept in, in my bed. Like an angel. She will probably have a bath today.


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