Doggy DIY – Puzzle Toy

Published September 14, 2015 by lowercase v

I like the idea of puzzle toys for dogs, because they are good for your dog’s brain, but they’re all so expensive.  A few months ago I saw a post online featuring a DIY puzzle toy using a muffin tin and some tennis balls.

I slightly modified the idea and I made two puzzle toys for Gabi using an egg carton, a mini muffin tin a toilet roll and some dog toys.

egg carton puzzle toy mini muffin tin puzzle toy
You’ll need:

  •  An egg carton  or old muffin tin . This is the base.
  • Tennis balls, dog toys  or other items (eg toilet rolls) to cover the holes.
  • Pieces of treats that tour dog enjoys. (For the egg carton use dry treats like biscuits)

dog treat puzzle base  cover items

And then it’s easy:

  • Take your base and places treats in some off the holes.  You van change up the amount of treats and their locations each to make it more challenging.
  •  Let your dog watch when you place the treats…. or place them first and then just lift one of the balls to show him/her that there are yums in this thing.
  • Allow your to go to the puzzle.
  • If you’re dog struggles at first, remove and replace each item so that he/she can see that it comes out.

I’ve uploaded a video of Gabi playing with her puzzles to youtube.


2 comments on “Doggy DIY – Puzzle Toy

  • Thank you for the comment on my blog.
    So glad I visited your blog, you have a beautiful dog. And this DIY toys are awesome. Thank you for sharing. Going to put together some toys for our dog.. She’ll love it!!

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