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Oh Gabi.

Published October 11, 2015 by lowercase v

I’m a bit worried about Gabi. Looks like she has Pica.  I found her after midnight on Saturday morning (Friday night), eating potting soil in the garden.


Kibble, blah.

I was worried and made a video about it. It was unclear because of bad lighting, but I just shot Gabi while talking about what happened. I lied in bed for hours just wondering if she was okay.

dog butt

Is that soil I smell out there?

Yesterday and today I saw her eating some soil off the grass.

We have stopped giving her table food and are just giving her kibble. She had only a few scraps since we started weaning her.   She had some boiled egg today and an occasional bite of fish. She also had her “dental floss”  dog treats.We just want to clean up her diet a bit and see which foods are causing her issues.  I (de)wormed her about a month ago.  Her kibble is called Montego Karoo – Adult  (This is an “ostrich & lamb” dog food, since she seems to be sensitive to “chicken”. Montego is a South African dog food company). Her dental treats are dried ostrich sinew sticks). I also give her Protexin, a probiotic supplement for animals.

Some info I found online:

~mineral Deficiencies
~other underlying problems

” There are two possibilities: an underlying medical condition or a behavioural quirk. Your vets have ruled out some illnesses, but there are other gastrointestinal problems that can only be diagnosed by complex work-ups such as bowel biopsies”

“There are many theories as to why dogs eat soil, and with an older dog like Jake it could just be down to senility. Other possible causes include mineral deficiencies in the diet,  as dogs do seem to be able to sense when they are lacking in certain minerals such as iron and compensate by eating soil.”

I hope this is only temporary. I’m keeping an eye on her, but I might need to take her to the vet.