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Ants In The Food Bag.

Published February 17, 2016 by lowercase v

Gabi looks on concerned as mommy does some crisis management

Today the cleaning lady found ants on Gabi’s dog food bag. Upon investigation I found even more ants inside.

I usually buy a 8 Kg bag, since it’s more economical and requires fewer trips to the pet store. I have a pet food bucket which can hold about 2 kg which I use as a daily use container.

The tiny ants seemed to have entered through the stitching in the plastic woven bag.  My previous bag of food (which was fairly new) came loose at the seam. Montego, the dog food manufacturer, was kind enough to replace it. Though, I think the problem lies with the bag manufacturer (Sakkor), or the type of bag though… Or maybe ants just get in everywhere!

I didn’t think the ants would have contaminated the food so I decided to just decant the food, sort the kibble from the nibblers and put it different containers.

I poured the kibble onto a large piece of unprinted paper, then put it in plastic ice-cream containers. I did not enjoy the smell. The neighbours’ Boston terrier was watching the operation through the fence.

I think I will definitely be buying small packets from now on. Even if it costs more and if it means more trips to the pet store.

On a much happy not Gabi’s 4th Gotcha Day (Adoptevesary) is this Friday. Her 10th birthday is on the 25th.